SAP Landscape Management 3.0, Enterprise Edition

Refreshing a Database Using a Database Backup

You perform a restore based refresh for a system with SAP HANA databases using a complete database backup from the source system. With that you refresh the SAP HANA database of the system but keep the configuration settings of your application instances such as central instance (CI), dialog instance (DI), and so on.


  • You have created a complete (full) data backup of the SAP HANA database using SAP HANA cockpit or SAP HANA studio.

    The complete (full) data backup files are available on a separate HDB backup share. This HDB backup share has the ability of being mounted at the target SAP HANA system host during the provisioning process. It is not necessary to be mounted on the source host.

    Fencing on the target system can be enabled but make sure that a rule is configured so that the share can be mounted on the target SAP HANA host.

    For more information, see SAP HANA Database Backup and Recovery.

  • You have the password for the SYSTEM user of the source database.
  • You have configured the initial entities.
    • The source system can be used for copying.

    • The HDB backup share is configured for the source system in the SAP Landscape Management configuration.

      For more information, see Adding Mount Point Configurations on System Level.

    • The target system is configured as copy of the source system.

    For more information, see Initial Entities Configuration.

  • You have configured your infrastructure.

    For more information, see Infrastructure Configuration.



  1. Choose Provisioning.
  2. Choose Systems from the tabs.

    The system displays the following:

    • Systems enabled for cloning, copying, and renaming

    • Systems enabled for SAP HANA system replication configuration

    • Cloned and copied systems

    • Systems enabled for application server (un-)installation

    • Systems enabled for Diagnostics Agent (un-)installation

  3. From the Provisioning dropdown for the system, choose Start of the navigation pathRefresh Processes Next navigation step Restore based RefreshEnd of the navigation path.
    • If one of the following steps, sections, or fields is not applicable, it is not displayed or not eligible for selection in the roadmap.

    • If the validation generated one or more warnings, the navigation to a following step is canceled. To ignore warnings, choose the Ignore warnings for this step button and choose Next to proceed with the following steps.

    • To validate the data entered in one of the workflow steps without triggering a navigation, choose the Validate Step button.

    • To reset one of the workflow steps to its default values, choose the Reset Step button.

    1. Basic
    2. Hosts
    3. Host Names
    4. Users
    5. Database Restore
    6. Rename
    7. Isolation
    8. ABAP PCA/Java PCA
    9. Delete Virtual Hosts
    10. Summary