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Defining Offline Settings for Applications

Define offline settings for the selected application. Offline support enables client applications to access back-end data without a connection. When offline, applications access data from an offline store on the client. SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services moves data between the back end and the client offline store.

The destination settings determine how SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services creates the initial offline store on the client, and how it processes requests for updates from the back end. Define offline back-end connection settings for an application by importing a configuration (.ini) file that has been prepared by a developer. To adjust any settings, you can use the built-in editor to change the properties accordingly at runtime. Be sure to confer any changes with the application developer since changes can impact the mobile application significantly.

See these sections in the Native OData App Development and SAP Cloud Platform SDK documentation:

  • iOS Applications
  • Android Applications
  • Windows Applications
  • Developing Offline Applications

  • In Mobile Services cockpit, select Mobile Applications > Native/Hybrid.

  • Select an application.

  • In the Info tab of the application, click the upload icon in the Assigned Features section.

  • In the Add feature window, select Mobile Offline Access and click OK.

  • Click Configuration.

    You see the list of configured destinations.

  • To import an offline configuration, select the upload icon, browse and select a configuration file.


    Only .ini files can be imported. When you import settings, the state of the offline configuration changes to Configured.

    For information about Application Configuration files, see:

  • To view the uploaded offline store, select the Offline Stores tab.

    You see the list of existing offline stores that are available in offline settings. You can also view the Unique ID, Device ID, Created By, File Size, Creation Data, and the Actions you can perform for each offline store.

  • (Optional) To download an existing offline store, click the download icon.

  • (Optional) To delete an existing offline store, select the corresponding check box, and click the delete icon.

Editing the Application Configuration File

Use the Offline editor to make updates to the application configuration file.

  1. On the Offline tab, select the create icon.

  2. Specify endpoint properties and click Next.

  3. In the Endpoint Customized Properties section, click add to add private parameters and click Next.

  4. Add the client index parameters and clickNext.

  5. Add the defining request parameters and click Next.

  6. Add any defining request groups and click Finish.

Last update: August 12, 2020