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Develop an OData online, occasionally offline, or offline application.

C# and Visual Basic allow you to asynchronously program without the need of callbacks. Asynchronous methods are easier to write:
  • async makes your method asynchronous
  • await makes the rest of your method a callback as this example illustrates:
    private async void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) 
       // Call the method that runs asynchronously. 
       string result = await WaitAsynchronouslyAsync(); 
       result += await AnotherWaitAsynchronouslyAsync(); 
       // Display the result. 
       textBox1.Text += result; 
In C#:
  1. The async keyword in the method signature informs the compiler that the method is asynchronous.
  2. When calling the asynchronous method, use the await keyword.
  3. The compiler immediately returns control to the caller.
  4. When the asynchronous method completes, the compiler starts execution from where it left off.
  5. Since the rest of the method runs in the main UI thread, you can update UI controls from within the method itself.
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Develop an OData online, occasionally offline, or offline application. Set up your Windows environment for Native OData app development and perform any required upgrades. Configure the application in the SAP Mobile Platform Server Management Cockpit or HANA Cloud Platform Mobile Services Cockpit. The LogonCore component implements user on-boarding functionality without workflows. The LogonCore contains code that executes logon operations. The SecureStore API stores user credentials and other important information (password policy, connection data, and so on) in the datavault. The SAP Mobile Platform SDK provides a set of features and APIs (collectively referred to as supportability) that captures errors, traces and logs events, then uploads this information to the SAP Mobile Platform Server, where it can be analyzed from the cockpit. The Supportability API logs messages and supports end-to-end tracing through the enterprise system. Develop a Windows online application using the OData API. Understand how to develop a native iOS, Android, or Windows application that uses an offline OData store. Understand how to implement a "technical cache" to extend native Odata applications that use an online OData store for read requests in environments where the application is occasionally offline due to network issues. CUD requests do not go through the cache. The SAP Mobile Platform SDK for Windows provides three APIs for accessing and manipulating an OData source. Enable Windows push notifications. Run, test, and debug your Windows Store and Windows Desktop applications. Review information about common problems that arise when working with SAP Mobile Platform SDK. Deploying Windows Applications