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4.2 Release Notes

Mobile Development Kit Client 4.2.6

This patch release provides the following minor update and important bug fixes.

  • Security enhancement - tighten setting information through secure storage
  • Inconsistent display of a banner message on a page where there is a Table or Object Header on Android
  • Support SAP language code for backend system
  • There is repetition of the value on the page when searching for a value in a List Picker
  • A second List Picker receives dump when applying a filter to it
  • On filtering an Object Table, the MaxItemCount is unexpectedly set to 50 records in certain scenario
  • Launching FDC control with filer page on a full screen modal causes buttons to become unresponsive
  • In a couple of scenarios, the app gets stuck in an endless loop after the app is relaunched
  • Reset All in Filter does not reset the highlighting of the options
  • Tab page action stops working on return to the tab
  • App gets stuck in a License Screen / Enable Touch ID Screen loop
  • ListPicker List not rendering in normal page
  • Upgrade to XCode 11.5

Mobile Development Kit Client 4.2.5

This patch release provides the following minor update and important bug fixes.

  • App hangs in certain scenario when clicking on a hyperlink on the EULA screen and return to the app
  • Required field causes editing disabled in FormCell
  • Unable to navigate back in the login webview during onboarding
  • Upgrade to SAP BTP SDK for Android 3.0.6

Mobile Development Kit Client 4.2.4

This patch release provides the following minor update and important bug fixes.

  • Uploading branded iOS app to Apple App Store failed with the following ERROR ITMS-90685: CFBundleIdentifier Collision. There is more than one bundle with the CFBundleIdentifier value '' under the iOS application ''

Mobile Development Kit Client 4.2.3

This patch release provides the following minor update and important bug fixes.

  • App that's onboarded with URL scheme that contains domain name gets stuck in passcode screen and EULA screen cycle after it is relaunched.
  • Upgrade the Xcode requirement to Xcode 11.4.1 in the Mobile Development Kit Dependencies Installer

Mobile Development Kit Client 4.2.2

This patch release provides the following minor update and important bug fixes.

  • App sometimes crashes when bringing app from background to foreground in certain situation
  • Read link does not return proper value in certain scenario
  • CreateMedia and CreateRelatedMedia fail due to returning Array instead of JSON string
  • DownloadMedia fails due to returning NSData instead of JSON string in iOS
  • CallFunction result binding is in incorrect structure if there's only one entry in the result
  • Data subscriptions in ProfileHeader not getting triggered as expected
  • ProgressBanner's progress indicator bar in Android not disappearing after action is completed
  • Client hangs when executing an action with activity indicator and failing validation
  • Displaying message box will get closed immediately if triggered in the OnValueChange event of ListPicker
  • Upgrade to SAP BTP SDK for iOS version 4.0.17
  • Upgrade to SAP BTP SDK for Android version 3.0.5
  • Upgrade to XCode 11.4.1

Mobile Development Kit Client 4.2.1

This patch release provides the following minor update and important bug fixes.

  • FormCell control setVisible not working correctly in multiple sections
  • Crashes after clicking on an Object Cell after a search and navigating back to the overview screen
  • Object cell content in an Object Table isn’t properly aligned
  • Outer navigation from Bottom Navigation page not working
  • Support empty string as a filter value for Control.Type.FormCell.Filter
  • Image Collection section footer missing
  • Image property for TabItem control not working with metadata image & HTTPS URL image
  • Application crashes on scrolling in chart content screen with multiple chart sections
  • After set language as Simplified Chinese and re-launch app, Traditional Chinese is shown in passcode page on Android
  • Charts overlap each other and shift to the left when flipping the Android device from landscape to portrait.
  • Grid ObjectCell is not displayed if its detailImage property is set to null or empty.
  • Data subscriptions is not updating the chart with the latest data
  • The value of Disabled FormCell controls shows enabled when control is disabled
  • Upgrade to SAP BTP SDK for Android version 4.0.14
  • Upgrade to SAP BTP SDK for Android version 3.0.2
  • Upgrade to NativeScript 6.5.0

Mobile Development Kit Client 4.2

Notable new or changed features for the Mobile Development Kit Client 4.2

New UI Controls

Bottom Navigation & Tabs

In 4.2, we have introduced tabs controls namely 'Bottom Navigation' and 'Tabs'.

  • Bottom Navigation

It renders a list of tab items along with content for each tab. It is mainly used for top level navigation, treated as navigation menu, where the separate tabs don't have shared context.

  • Tabs

    It renders a list of tab items along with content for each tab. It is mainly used for organizing or allowing navigation between group of content that are related and at the same level of hierarchy. Each tab page should contain content that is distinct from other tab pages in a set. Tabs is used to create sort of pager to browse between items that have the same context.

For more information, see Bottom Navigation and Tabs Page.

Analytics Controls

In 4.2, we have introduced a set of analytics controls that can be used in different context.

  • Analytic Card Collection

    Analytic Card Collection is a container that manages and displays a set of Chart Cards. Chart Cards display a thumbnail view of a chart, with key information shown.

  • Chart Content

    Chart Content is a container that provides a visual representation of one or more data sets in a Section Page. It should be used when displaying chart in a non-full-screen context.

  • KPI Header

    KPI Header is a container that manages and displays the different Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

For more information, see Analytics Control.


List Picker in Filter Page

List Picker control can now be used in Filter Page. Now, the List Picker control comes with FilterProperty that can be set as the target property to be filtered on. For more information, see List Picker API Reference .

Object Collection now supports search functionality. It functions the same way as Object Table search functionality. For more information, see Object Collection API Reference .

Detail Image Text for Object Cell

A new property DetailImageText allows you to put a placeholder text that gets rendered in place of the Detail Image. This can be useful for displaying initials of a person name if they do not have a profile image.

Support In-App Onboarding QR Code Scanning

App user can now use the built-in scan functionality at the initial onboarding to scan the onboarding URL in QR code format. To enable the QR code scanning functionality, set EnableOverrides to true in the file BrandedSettings.json present in the welcome screen. In iOS devices the Scan button appears in the home screen by default, while in Android devices the Scan button appears only after clicking Getting Started.

Note: Once user has scanned and onboarded using the onboarding URL, it will be remembered and next time user logged out and onboard again, they will reuse the same onboarding URLs settings without the need to scan. User need to use device Camera in iOS or 3rd party QR scanner app in Android, if they would like to scan a different onboarding URL.

All Action & UI Controls Properties Now Support Binding

All properties in Actions & UI Controls now supports property bindings:

Support HTTPS URL Images for Action Bar and Tool Bar

In continuation of loading image over HTTPS URL support, items of ActionBar, Image control, Icon', andTool Bar` now support image over HTTPS URL.

Server Side Paging Support

List controls such as Object Table, Object Collection, and Grid Table now support server side pagination. App can set the ServerSidePaging property in Target binding to specify that the server support server side pagination.

OData Service Path Suffix

OData Service now support PathSuffix to append to destination path. It allows app to append relative path to destination.

In Offline OData Service, if PathSuffix if set, you must also set the Offline Store Name.

OData Service Offline Store Name

App can now define Offline store's name via OfflineOptions -> StoreParams in the OData Service definition.

Customizing Transition in Navigation

Navigation action now has Transition property that allows app to set Curve, Duration and Name (transition's name).


Support Creating Extension as UITableViewCell

In order to allow better control of the extension sizing, it is now possible to implement extension for iOS platform as UITableViewCell. For more information, see UITableView Based Extension for iOS.

Last update: December 21, 2022