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Creating and Bundling Metadata Extensions

Metadata extensions are TypeScript based extensions that are created in an Mobile Development Kit project and are bundled into the generated bundle.js. So, for any changes in metadata extensions, only the new generated bundle.js must be synced to the mobile device via mobile service without reinstalling the client on mobile device.


All Mobile Development Kit applications created from a template have an empty Extensions folder. If your project doesn’t have one, create a folder named "Extensions".

Select the Extensions folder and invoke the context menu item MDK: New Extension, the wizard guides you through the creation process that generates skeleton structure for your new metadata extension control.


This process behaves the same as before and is transparent to users. For more information on bundling, see Bundling Apps

Running and Debugging

Both running and debugging processes behave the same as earlier and is transparent to users.

Launch the Visual Studio Code editor to run the project. For detailed description on debugging, see Debugging Mobile Development Kit App with Visual Studio Code Debugger

Last update: November 2, 2022