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Configuring Mobile Client Log Upload

Configure mobile client log upload for the application, and for individual users.

Requires the Mobile Client Log Upload service.

You can specify how long to retain logs before they are deleted; view current and archived logs. You can view important URLs, and export mobile service data in JSON format.

  1. In SAP mobile service cockpit, select Mobile Applications > Native/Hybrid or SAP Mobile Cards.

  2. Select an application, then select Mobile Client Log Upload under Assigned Features (or add it first).

  3. Select Configuration and configure default and user-specific logging.

  4. Select Logs to view client logs for the application. You can enter search criteria to narrow the focus, and sort the results. You can view details for a client log, and download the log in JSON format.

  5. Select Archived Logs to view a list of archived log files for the last 30 days. Select a file name to download the file.

  6. Select Info to see feature details, such as useful URLs, and to export mobile service data in JSON format.

Last update: December 16, 2020