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Modal Processing Indicator View


open class FUIModalProcessingIndicatorView: NibDesignable

FUIModalProcessingIndicatorView shows a FUIProcessingIndicatorView centered in a container area of the screen and disables interaction. The container can be either a view or a window. An overlay is shown behind the processing indicator, which covers the whole container. The overlay can be either set to translucent white or to be using a UIVisualEffectView to achieve a blurred background.

By default, the processing indicator is shown centered on screen and shows a translucent white overlay. The view is not visible and the animation is stopped until show() is called.

To change the background mode to blurred, simply assign BackgroundMode.blurred to the backgroundMode property.


let modalProcessingIndicatorView = FUIModalProcessingIndicatorView()


Show Fullscreen
// do something

Show in View

let containerView = UIView() containerView)
// do something

Last update: April 14, 2021