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Map Toolbar


open class FUIMapToolbar: UIView, FUIBackgroundSchemeSupporting

A View that wraps the FUIMapToolbarButton in a vertical stack.

  • The FUIMapToolbar holds a maximum of 6 FUIMapToolbarButton.
  • Default variants of FUIMapToolbarButton exist within the SDK. See, FUIMapToolbarSettingsButton, FUIMapToolbarUserLocationButton, FUIMapToolbarZoomExtentButton, or FUIMapToolbarLegendButton
  • The FUIMapToolbar can be presented in either a dark or light variant.
  • The FUIMapToolbar will be pinned to the given MKMapView in the top right corner


var toolbar = FUIMapToolbar(mapView: mapView)
toolbar.backgroundColorScheme = .dark // defaults to `.light`
let locationButton = FUIMapToolbarUserLocationButton(mapView: self.mapView)
let zoomExtentsButton = FUIMapToolbarZoomExtentButton(mapView: self.mapView)
toolbar.items = [locationButton, zoomExtentsButton]

Last update: April 14, 2021