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The SAP BTP SDK for Android version 5.1 introduces a new set of onboarding screens implemented using Android Jetpack Compose. The compose version flows component uses these screens for the onboarding processes and you can also use them in your project.


The basic design concept of these compose onboarding screens is the same as before. Each screen has a corresponding screen setting reference with which the client code can provide customizations to the screens.

For example, here is the definition of BasicAuthenticationScreen and its settings:

fun BasicAuthenticationScreen(
    state: BasicAuthenticationScreenState,
    basicAuthenticationScreenSettings: BasicAuthenticationScreenSettings? = null,
    cancelButtonClickListener: ViewClickListener? = null,
    confirmButtonClickListener: ((userName: String, password: String) -> Unit)? = null,
) { ... }

data class BasicAuthenticationScreenSettings(
    @StringRes val title: Int = R.string.basic_auth_screen_title,
    @StringRes val description: Int = R.string.basic_auth_screen_desc,
    @StringRes val userName: Int = R.string.label_user_name,
    @StringRes val userNamePlaceholder: Int = R.string.basic_auth_screen_user_placeholder,
    @StringRes val password: Int = R.string.label_password,
    @StringRes val passwordPlaceholder: Int = R.string.basic_auth_screen_passwd_placeholder,
    @StringRes val signInButtonCaption: Int = R.string.basic_auth_screen_title,
    @StringRes val cancelButtonCaption: Int = android.R.string.cancel,
): BaseScreenSettings

The screen settings class only provides the customizations regarding the labels, images, etc., for the screen. For logic such as button click handling, they're in the screen itself.


dependencies {
    implementation '${versions.sapCloudAndroidSdk}'


Name Description
Launch Screen The launch screen.
EULA Screen The EULA screen.
Activation Selection The screen to choose the activation method, either Discovery Service or QR code scan.
Discovery Service Activation The screen to retrieve the application configuration from Discovery Service.
QR Code Reader The screen to scan QR codes.
QR Code Confirmation The screen to confirm the scanned QR code.
Basic Authentication Screen The screen to authenticate the user using the basic authentication method.
Passcode Creation Screen The screen to create the passcode to protect the app.
Passcode Verification Screen The screen to verify the passcode.
Biometric Screen The biometric screen, used for both the biometric enablement and unlock screens.
Screen The screen to sign in to the app.
User List Screen The screen to show the user list.
Loading Screen The loading screen.
Consent Screen The consent screen.
Offline Sychronization Screen The offline synchronization screen.
Offline Network Issue Screen The offline network issue screen.
Offline Transaction Issue Screen The offline transaction issue screen.


All the customizable images in the onboarding composable screens only support 'png', 'jpeg' or vector drawable resources. For example, the logo image, the content image of the launch screen, etc.

Last update: February 20, 2023