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5.1 Release Notes

Mobile Development Kit Client 5.1

Notable new or changed features for the Mobile Development Kit Client 5.1

New UI Controls

Context Menu

Context Menu allows you to implements actions associated with Object Table or Contact Table.

In the mobile environment, it is triggered by swiping the item left or right. The Context Menu supports the use of interactive elements within the cell being swiped.

The Context Menu can render multiple menu items on the iOS platform. However, it displays only the first menu item on the Android platform. If there's more than three menu items on the iOS platform, it displays the first two menu items inline and the third menu item is displayed as More menu item. Tapping the More menu item, it shows all the menu items as action sheet on the phone and as popover on the Pad.

In the web environment, an overflow button is visible in the cell, when selected it displays a popover with all the menu items, which combines leading and trailing menu items together.

Web - Tabs Control

You can now also use the Tabs control in the web environment.

Note: Bottom Navigation control is not supported yet.


Flexible Column Layout with Bottom Navigation and Side Drawer

Flexible Column Layout can now be rendered in the Bottom Navigation and Side Drawer frame.

SideDrawerItem PageToOpen Is Optional

You can now omit PageToOpen in SideDrawerItem and it will not attempt to open an empty page. This allows you to open modal page, trigger non UI related actions such as Logout action.

PageMetadata Support for Navigation Action

Navigation action now support a new property called PageMetadata. You can assign a rule to this property and return a Page definition in JSON format. The definition format is the same as you get in a .page file. This allows you to dynamically build a page definition and return it from the rule to this property, instead of using PageToOpen. If this property is defined, PageToOpen will be ignored.

OnPress Support for KPI

KPI in KPIHeader now support OnPress event. This event can be used to invoke a rule or an action.

PageSize Support in Data Paging

DataPaging now supports a new property PageSize. This property can be used to define the PageSize while fetching the data from back end. This property is supported in back ends with client driven pagination.

OnRendered Event in SectionedTable

A new event OnRendered has been introduced for SectionedTable. This event will be triggered after the sectioned table is fully rendered for the first time and also post redraw of the table.

PLT Formatter for Events

App developers can now invoke platform specific events using the PLT keyword. This capability is supported for all the controls which have one of the following events:

  • OnPress
  • OnAccessoryButtonPress
  • FormatRule
  • OnValueChange
  • All the page level events except OnActivityBackPressed event support PLT. OnActivityBackPressed is an Android platform specific event.
  • All the application level events.
  • OnSuccess, OnFailure and OnInvalid events for an action.

getSection API for SectionedTable

A new client API method getSection now allows fetching individual section from SectionedTable. It can be applied to controls such as ObjectTable, ObjectCollection, KeyValueCollection, Extension section and more. To fetch a section the app developer need to pass the section _name property to this method.

SideDrawer - Styling Enhancements

Following styling enhancements have been introduced for SideDrawer control:

  • Styling override at the Section level - This styling attribute can now be used to override the styling defined at the SideDrawer level.
  • Styling override at an individual item level - This styling attribute can now be used to override the styling at the SideDrawer as well at the Section level.
  • Optional section separator lines - Section separator lines can now be disabled using the property SeparatorEnabled.
  • Item title alignment - Items title can now be aligned left, center or right using the TextAlignment property.
  • Header alignment - SideDrawer header can now be aligned left, center or right using the Alignment property in SideDrawer Header.
  • User supplied SideDrawer icon - DrawerButton property can be used to specify a user supplied SideDrawer icon instead of standard hamburger icon.

Web - Support Header Type Control & Tabs in a Page

You can now add two container controls as root controls of a page in the web environment.

  • The first control must be a Sectioned Table that contain a single section with a header type control e.g. Object Header or Profile Header
  • The second control must be a Tabs control.

Any other combination is not supported.

Web - Support Form Cell Controls in Section Page

We have introduced the support of Form Cell controls in Section Page in web environment. This is already supported in mobile app.

You can now add a Form Cell Section in Sectioned Table control of a Section Page.

You can then add any of the Form Cell controls in the Section.

Web - Support OData Service Headers, Server Side Paging & LanguageURLParam

The following features are now supported in web environment:

OData Service:


Web - Clickable Key Value

Key Value items on web environment now support an On-Click action. To implement this use the properties OnPress and LinkColor for Key Value Item.

Web - Avatar and Circular Icon Support for Action Bar Item

IconText and IsIconCircular are now supported in Action Bar on web environment. IconText property is used to generate a text based avatar image and IsIconCircular can be used to render a circular icon.

Web - Enabling Search Across Multiple Sections in a Page

Search on web environment is now supported across multiple searchable section controls in a page. This is an enhancement over earlier release where Search would be disabled in case of more than one control in a page.

Web - Support SAP Font Icons

UI controls on web environment that support image can now use SAP font icons using sap-icon://<name> syntax e.g. "DetailImage":"sap-icon://person-placeholder". The list of the supported SAP icons can be found here. These font icons also support styling, below are some of the references for the styling support:

Web - Action Support in the Banner Message

Banner Message in web environment now supports interactivity which can be used to execute an action or rule on click. Following properties can be used to implement this behavior:

Web - Action Support in Progress Banner

Progress Banner on web environment now supports interactivity which can be used to execute an action or rule on click. Following properties can be used to implement this new behavior:

Web - Support Auto Select Default Value in List Picker

List Picker AllowDefaultValueIfOneItem - Support auto assigning default value if there is only 1 item in the list picker's value list

OData Service

Offline OData Version 4 Support

OData Version 4 is now supported in offline mode. You can initialize your OData Version 4 service as offline OData service in your app and perform OData actions on it, including syncing (uploading and downloading) the offline store.

For more information on the OData Version 4 support & limitation, see this document.

Offline CancelDownload and CancelUpload Action

CancelDownload action can be used to cancel Offline Download. This action will cancel all the offline downloads including those part of a queue.

CancelUpload action can be used to cancel Offline Upload. This action will cancel the currently ongoing offline upload. EnableRepeatableRequests should not be set to false in store parameter as this is required to prevent duplication of requests in the back end when upload is called again.

Mobile Development Kit Editor 2012

Title Type Environment Description Available as of
Support Client 5.1 metadata New Neo (Web IDE) Support new metadata changes for Client 5.1 Dec 22, 2020
Support Client 5.1 metadata New CF (Business Application Studio) Support new metadata changes for Client 5.1 as Business Application Studio extension Dec 16, 2020
Support Debugging with Source Maps for Web applications New CF (Business Application Studio) Support Debugging with Source Maps for Web applications in Business Application Studio Dec 16, 2020
Micro App Default Security Setting Change Update CF (Business Application Studio) Micro App Default Security Setting Change Dec 16, 2020

Last update: April 14, 2021