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Managing Symbol File (iOS)

Manage the symbol files that can be used to debug crashes, and search for missing dSYM files for iOS.

Read Debug Symbol (dSYM) for more general information.

The Enable Crash Logs Upload option must be enabled on the Configuration tab. Use the symbol files to troubleshoot and debug crash dumps for iOS mobile apps.

  1. In SAP mobile service cockpit, select Mobile Applications > Native/MDK.

  2. Select an application, then select Mobile Client Usage and User Feedback under Assigned Features (or add it first).

  3. Select the Symbol Center tab.

  4. Under dSYMs you can view the uploaded symbols files for iOS apps. To upload another symbols file, select the upload icon and browse to locate the file, and then Upload. The file is added to the list. If the upload fails, it means that the uploaded file is not a valid dSYM file.

    Sort by column to find specific information.

    Column Description
    UUID The universally unique identifier for the file.
    File Name The dSYM .ZIP file name. For example,
    Upload Date (UTC) The date and time the file was uploaded in UTC format (YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS).
    Action The actions you can perform such as download or delete the file.
  5. Under Missing dSYMs you can view all missing symbol files. The missing symbols files are required to parse the uploaded iOS crash report. To fully symbolicate a crash report, you must upload all missing dSYMs files.

    You can use the filter option to search by UUID, Application Version, Application Name, and Image Name and select Go. You can also sort by column.

    Column Description
    UUID The universally unique identifier for the file.
    Application Version The version of the crashed application.
    Application Name The name of the crashed application.
    Image Name The name of the image.
    Number of Crashes Total crashes detected.


dSYM files for SAP BTP SDK for iOS frameworks do not need to be uploaded. They are already known to SAP Mobile Services.

Last update: March 10, 2022