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Fixing Requests in Error State

When an entity or relationship is in error state, the application can make additional modification requests to correct the data and fix the error before retrying upload.

When fixing failed requests, the sequence of requests that put the offline store in error state does not matter; the application needs only to apply new requests to adjust the data to be corrected in the offline store. When the application performs an upload, the offline store analyzes the state of the entities and relationships in the offline store and computes necessary requests to apply to the back end to achieve the correct state.

The offline store computes these requests based on its own heuristics and may not apply any of the original requests. Conceptually, the application is fixing the data and not the failed requests. It is important that you consider if there is back-end business logic or side effects that rely on specific OData requests being applied.

If the application does nothing to fix the errors then the next upload re-sends the requests without making any changes.

Last update: April 14, 2021