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Fast Filter View

The FastFilterView UI component allows users to quickly apply multiple filters.

Using the FastFilterView

You can use FastFilterView within your activity like any traditional Android view:


Chart Card

Setting FastFilterOptions on FastFilterView

You can set the options presented by FastFilterView using public void setFastFilterOptions(@NonNull List<FastFilterOption>).


FastFilterOption is a Parcelable class used to configure the options presented in FastFilterView. Every option can be configured to:

  • Contain a chip icon when selected
  • Be removed from the FastFilterView when deselected

You can provide a list of FastFilterOptions to configure the available options on FastFilterView.

Preselecting Values on FastFilterView

You can set the value on FastFilterView by using public void setValue(@NonNull List<FastFilterOption> value). Please note that this API ignores the FastFilterOptions that were not provided in a previous call of public void setFastFilterOptions(@NonNull List<FastFilterOption>).

Callbacks for Value Changes

You can listen to changes caused by user interaction by attaching a listener using public void setValueChangeListener(@Nullable ValueChangeListener listener).

fastFilter.setValueChangeListener { value -> value?.let { mModel.applyFilter(it) } }

Utilities for FastFilterView and Feedback Filter

In some applications it is desirable to present quick filters along with the option to explore large, category-based filtering options in a separate dialog or activity (known as FeedbackFilter in Fiori design). In these cases, the application needs to communicate the user selections from the FeedbackFilter to the original Activity. To help applications integrate these scenarios with FastFilterView, the SDK provides helper classes.


This class is a life cycle observer and broadcasts the user selections from the FeedbackFilter to be caught during the original activity. When you attach an object of this class as a life cycle observer then you will only need to override one method.


This class helps FastFilterView to catch the user selection broadcast from FeedbackDialogLifecycleObserver. You only need to create an instance of the FastFilterValueReceiver class by passing the reference of the FastFilterView and LifeCycleOwner. Handling of receiving the broadcast, filter options, and communicating desired changes to FastFilterView are handled by the SDK.

Last update: January 25, 2022