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Known Issues

Known Issues in Release 3.4

  • The visited steps of the Flows library won't reflect the current dark/light theme or language settings if those configurations were changed in the middle of a flow.

Known Issues in Release 3.3

  • Connection Accounts: Connection Accounts won’t work after you upgrade to version 3.3. Run the script in the installer to upgrade the H2 database.

Known Issues in Release 3.0

  • SAP Translation Hub Integration: The SAP Translation Hub feature does not work if you are using an SAP Business Technology Platform Trial Account.

  • Automatic upload for logging and usage: Due to Google API issue, the automatic upload will not happen if the device is in roaming.

AndroidX Support

The Android SDK libraries are currently compiled with the support library API packages instead of AndroidX. It's still possible to use AndroidX with the SDK by following the migration guide here.

Some possible issues that might be encountered:

  • Jetifier fails to convert Databinding classes, resulting in a NoClassDefFoundError. For more information on this issue, read the bug associated with the issue. The workaround is to include a later Jetifier release that handles the Databinding classes correctly:

    buildscript {
        dependencies {
            classpath ''
            classpath ''
  • Glide produces a mix of support and AndroidX annotations. An upcoming release of Glide should provide better support. The workaround for now is to include the support annotations also:

    implementation ''
    annotationProcessor ''

Last update: May 28, 2021