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Installing the App on a User's Device

You will either receive a request to download the app from your administrator, or you will need to download the application from your Enterprise App Store.


Download the application to your iOS or Android device. If you receive a request to do so from your administrator, accept it and start at Step 2 below.


  1. In the App Store Search box, search for your app. The application description opens.

  2. Tap Install. The client application is downloaded from the store. After the download, an application icon appears on the mobile device.

  3. Tap the icon to open the application.

  4. Click Start.

    This button might have different label if it's modified in BrandedSettings.json.

    This button does not appear if one or more connection settings are missing in the BrandedSettings.json file in the mdkproject. In this case, you have the option to explore the app via a demo mode. To launch your app in the demo mode, click Try the Demo.

    To know more about app connection settings, see the Application connection information section in Branding Your Customized App.

    If you do not see the Start button, you can also launch the client app directly from the URL that you received from your admin. To know more about URL onboarding, see the Onboarding via URL section in Onboarding to the Mobile Development Kit Client App.

  5. Enter your SAP Business Technology Platform user name and password to log in.

  6. Click Authorize. This authorization screen does not appear if you have set the OAuth security settings to be bypassed in your SAP Business Technology Platform account.

  7. Read and Agree to the End User License Agreement.

  8. Based on your device type, perform one of the following:

    • For iOS devices, enable Touch ID and Face ID if these options are supported on your device. If Touch ID and Face ID are not supported on your device, set a passcode and confirm it.
    • For Android devices, create and set a password. If bio-metrics is supported on your device, you can also set up the fingerprint access.

The application opens and is ready to use.

Updating an App on a User's Device

The application is currently updated automatically on a user's device by Mobile Development Kit.

The Mobile Development Kit client checks for new application definitions in the App Update kit on the SAP mobile service cockpit at an automatically-defined interval. When a new version of the application is available, it is automatically downloaded in the background. If the download is successful, the upgrade happens automatically.

A notification message can be set through the app to appear before or after the upgrade takes place and local user data can be uploaded to the server before the upgrade is completed.

For more details please see App Update.

Last update: April 14, 2021