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Managing Custom Domains

Manage a custom domain that is associated with a mobile application in the Cloud Foundry environment.


  • You must have a custom domain already configured and available on Cloud Foundry.

  • You must know how to use the domain already, before configuring it for a mobile application.

  • When you define the mobile application to SAP mobile service cockpit, use either SAML or OAuth authentication.


Subaccount owners can make an applications accessible via a custom domain that is different from the default domain. You can configure mobile services apps to use the custom domain. You can configure one custom domain in the SAP mobile service cockpit.

Some regions may support multiple domains. If so, the administrator associates an application with the domain of the application route, to ensure the correct domain is used. See Creating Applications for information about the XSUAA property, Domain of Application Route.


  1. In SAP mobile service cockpit, select Mobile Applications > Native/MDK, and select an application.

  2. Once the application is defined, you can associate the custom domain name, such as with the application. See Creating Applications for information.

  3. Once the application is saved, on the APIs tab you can select the edit button to edit the domain configuration.

  4. On Info you can check Custom Domains to view the current custom domain.

Last update: March 10, 2022