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Installing the SAP BTP SDK for iOS

Install and integrate the SAP BTP SDK for iOS into your Xcode development environment.

SAP BTP SDK for iOS frameworks and components are implemented in Swift, and are delivered as standard iOS dynamic frameworks. Dynamic frameworks offer a convenient way to package code and assets (for example, images and layouts) into a single binary package.

The steps below provide a sample implementation for integrating the SDK in your Xcode development environment; the actual file and folder names vary, depending on your implementation. You can also refer to the Installing the SAP Business Technology Platform for iOS SDK tutorial.


  1. Download the SAP BTP SDK for iOS. Registration is not required for a trial account.

  2. Open the SAP BTP SDK for iOS .pkg installer file. You will be guided through the steps necessary to install this software. Choose the default install location and click Install. The SAP CP SDK for iOS gets installed in the /Applications Folder.

  3. Extract the frameworks.

    If you want to have direct access to the SDK frameworks, open the Assistant's main menu, select Export Frameworks, and choose the desired location on your disk.

  4. Add the SDK to an Xcode project (optional if you are using the Assistant): The SDK is delivered as Release XCFrameworks, with versions available for iPhone OS, iPhone Simulator and Mac Catalyst. XCFrameworks allow you to quickly test and deploy your cloud application on device, simulator and Mac Catalyst without changing your project setup.

Last update: May 18, 2022