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Subscribe Users to Server Alerts

Administrators can enable alerts about server-side failures for the selected application.

An administrator enables alerts for a specific application, establishes the message threshold, and schedule.

  1. In Mobile Services cockpit, select Mobile Applications > Native/Hybrid

  2. Select an application, then select the Alert tab.

  3. Select edit .

  4. In Edit Settings, select Enable Alert.

    • Message Threshold – if the generated error/log number is greater than the threshold number an email is sent.
    • Schedule – frequency at which email alerts are sent.
    • Expires – the date until which alerts are sent. This value is not editable, and changes automatically when the administrator makes any changes to this page. Alerts are sent only for 60 days after the change.
    • Under Services Alert, select edit to set the event log level to Error or Warning for each service.


    • All features assigned to the selected app are listed here.
    • Mobile Sample OData ESPM feature is not supported.
  5. Under Recipients, select add to add to the distribution list.


    • The default status for new email addresses is Unconfirmed.
    • An email with confirmation code is sent to activate the specified email address.
    • After 5 invalid entries of the confirmation code, the status of the address changes to Blocked.
    • Blocked email address can be deleted after 24 hours.
  6. Click OK.

Last update: August 12, 2020