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The Mobile Development Kit for SAP Mobile Services is a metadata-based application development platform.

The Mobile Development Kit lets you customize, deploy, and manage your customized iOS and Android apps in the cloud. The Mobile Development Kit editor lets you edit various aspects of your application. It also provides native client support and consumes mobile services capabilities such as onboarding, offline OData, life cycle management, and serviceability through the SAP Business Technology Platform using the Mobile Development Kit client.

Mobile Development Kit allows business process experts to customize the app in a cloud-based editor using the SAP Web IDE for Full-Stack Development, and developers to edit code directly in the metadata files.

The end-to-end use case for Mobile Development Kit includes tasks involving the following roles:

  • Administrator
  • Business process expert
  • Developer
  • User

Depending on your company and setup, you may have variations of this role breakdown. The workflow below is intended to help you set up your system and get started with using Mobile Development Kit. The typical task order is top-down, based on the roles noted above. You might not need to perform some of these tasks based on what you are trying to accomplish. The following workflow is a suggested use case only.


Last update: April 14, 2021