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POST Client Usage Upload

The upload endpoint allows clients to upload client usage reports in the JSON format.

        "report": "reportUUID",
        "appInfo": {
                "application": "ClientUsageUpload0ae95adbc1e544388b46ab752688b86f",
                (required)"appVersion":"< Version No. > version"
        "deviceInfo": {
                "platform": "<Platform Name>platform",
                "platformVersion": "<Platform Version No.>platversion",
                "deviceModel": "<Device Model>Model",
                "deviceID ":"<Device ID>Device"(required)
        "sessions": [{
                "sessionInfo": {"
                        sessionId ":"
                        1e384510 ab8946848bc87fa266ccd53d"(required)
                "events": [{"
                        type ":" type1",
                        "key ":" key1",
                        "time": "2014-07-02T12:01:49.178+03",
                        "duration": "5.46760",
                        "screen": "first screen",
                        "view": "view1",
                        "element": "element1",
                        "action": "action1",
                        "behavior": "login",
                        "cases": "case1",
                        "category": "category1",
                        "result": "result1",
                        "unit": "unit1",
                        "measurement": "measurement1",
                        "value ":"
                        "others ":"
                        other param"


URL: https://<mobile services host>/mobileservices/application/{applicationId}/clientusage/v1/runtime/clientusage/application/{applicationId}/device/{deviceId}


The device is optional (device/{deviceId}).

Parameter Type Description Parameter Type
reports Required Refers to the uploaded client usage and user feedback charts file.
Requires multipart/form-data request header.
Supported in JAX-RS.
applicationId Required ID of the current application. This must match the application ID that was used to configure the client usage and user feedback chart upload for your app. string

Response Status and Error Codes

Code Description
201 The upload was successful.
400 The upload failed due to an incorrect payload.
403 The client usage and user feedback chart upload isn't enabled for the given application.
default Unexpected error.

Last update: November 18, 2021