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Default Value Binding

Default Value binding allows application to display the default value when the first expression is evaluated to undefined, null or empty string.


  • The $ indicator could be applied to all properties value including string literal, binding, globals, ActionBar, ToolBar, FormCell controls, Sections controls, Extension controls.

  • The key is DV

  • It consists of two parameters, the first parameter is for target expression, and the second parameter for default value.

  • It is advised to add single quote (\') for string literal within the indicator to mark the start and end of the string value, e.g. $(DV,'{Binding}','Unknown')

  • The supported value types for parameter are string, integer, boolean, Resolvable value types.

  • Complex types (array and object) are not supported as parameter value.

  • Specify null, If no value is to be set on one of the platform parameters.


Return the specified string according to platform


$(DV, <Target expression>, <Value for default>)


Parameter Name Type Required? Description
Target expression String Literal, ResolvableValue Mandatory Expression will be evaluated
Value for default String Literal, ResolvableValue Optional Default value if the Target expression being evaluated to undefined, null or empty string


  • $(DV, ,'The default text')
  • $(DV, null, 'Unknown value')
  • $(DV, '', 'empty string')
  • Prefix $(DV, {SomeProperty},'Can\'t find the property') {SomeObject/ObjectPropertyA}
  • $(DV, #ClientData/TargetPath/SomeObject/ObjectPropertyA, '/MDKDevApp/Rules/TextForIOS.js')
  • $(DV, '/MDKDevApp/Globals/', '$(L,see_more)')
  • $(DV, {SomeObject/NullProperty}, '{#Application/#ClientData/MobileServiceAppId}')
  • $(PLT, $(DV, '/MDKDevApp/Globals/', '/MDKDevApp/Rules/TextForIOS.js'), $(DV, '/MDKDevApp/Globals/', '/MDKDevApp/Rules/TextForAndroid.js'))

Last update: December 9, 2022