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Managing Application Features

You can add features to an application from the Features menu option. Features enable capabilities that developers have added to an application.

  1. In SAP mobile service cockpit, select Features.

  2. (Optional) To find out more information about a feature, select its name.

    Under Feature Details, read the feature summary.

  3. Click Add to Application.

    Basic Features

    Feature Description
    Mobile App Catalog Upload mobile application artifacts for beta testing, and for deployment to external services.
    Mobile App Update Upload new versions of a hybrid or Mobile Development Kit application.
    Mobile Augmented Reality Manage client augmented reality resources that can be accessed from mobile applications.
    Mobile Settings Exchange Handle device registrations and provides exchange of general settings between mobile client and server, such as client policies.
    Mobile Client Resources Add client resources to an application.
    Mobile Connectivity Configure routes to additional back ends.
    Mobile Offline Access Enable secure, offline access to data on the device.
    Mobile Push Notification Register devices to receive native push notifications.
    Mobile Client Log Upload Enable application to upload application log files and to analyze them on the server.
    Mobile Network Trace Enable application to trace network activity based on user name or content type.
    Mobile Sample OData ESPM Use OData sample service during development and testing.
    Mobile Client Usage and User Feedback Enable application to upload client usage and feedback information and analyze it on the server.
    Mobile Cloud Build Build binaries for your standard and custom Mobile Development Kit and SAP Asset Manager clients, and enable them to use the SAP Mobile Platform SDK.
  4. In Select Application, select an application from the list.

    You can filter the list of options.

Configuring Assigned Features

Configure features associated with an application definition.

You can add additional features, and delete features that are not required. Some features require coding in the application. In general, there should be no dependency between features. For some features you can configure a service key, which enables an application to access a service instance using the service key as its credentials. See Service Keys.

  1. In SAP mobile service cockpit, select Mobile Applications > Native/MDK.

  2. Under Assigned Features, click the Add icon add , select a feature, and click OK.

  3. Configure the feature for the selected application, and Save.

  4. (Optional) Select Enable Detailed Event Log and Disable Detailed Event Log to toggle event logging on and off at the feature level.

  5. (Optional) Select Reset to reset settings to default values.

  6. (Optional) Select Remove from Application to remove the feature from the application.

Last update: March 18, 2023