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Accessing Services Through Proxy URLs

To access a back end or Internet-based service, use a proxy URL that supports read, create, update, delete, merge and patch.


Verify that all the URLs to be proxied are allowlisted.


You can specify the customized application properties for client requests. Provide the application connection ID (X-SMP-APPCID) by using an explicit request header or a cookie.

HTTP Operations

HTTP Method Request URL Description
GET https://<mobile application host>/{connectionName}/[<Collection>] Retrieve data from the back end through the mobile platform.
POST https://<mobile application host>/{connectionName}/[<Collection>] Requests the server to accept the data in the request message body.
PUT https://<mobile application host>/{connectionName}/[<Collection>]/(’<EntryID>’) Update an entry in the back end.
DELETE https://<mobile application host>/{connectionName}/[<Collection>]/(’<EntryID>’) Delete an entry from the back end.
MERGE https://<mobile application host>/{connectionName}/[Collection]/(’<EntryID>’) Incrementally updates without replacing all the content of an entry.
PATCH https://<mobile application host>/{connectionName}/[Collection]/(’<EntryID>’) Performs partial updates without replacing all the content of an entry. A PATCH request updates only the properties indicated in the request body.

Request Header Example

X-SMP-APPCID : <Application connection Id received in the response of the onboarding xml>
Content-Type : application/atom+xml
X-Requested-With  : XMLHttpRequest
Authorisation : <Base 64 encoded value of Authorization>


HTTP Method Code Description
GET 200 Returns data from back end
POST 201 Returns when server accepts the data
PUT 204 Returns on successful update of entry in the back end
DELETE 204 Returns on successful deletion of entry in the back end. Note that no information is returned from a DELETE request.
MERGE 204 Returns on successful merge of entry in the back end
PATCH 204 Returns on successful merge of entry in the back end

Last update: November 18, 2021