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Usage Metering

View the Users or Resources application usage for the last three months. This provides information related to billing history. This feature is available for "standard (Users)" and "resources" license types, and reporting is done at the space level.

From SAP mobile service cockpit, you can view the usage history that is used to calculate billing. The cumulative user or resource count is provided by month, for the last three months. You can also download raw user or resource metering data for a specific date/time range in .csv format, to see application registrations by a single user or resource for the month or all users or resources. This feature provides billing transparency, and usage information. Note that there is a one-day lag for the last day of the month; its data is not included until the following day. For example, to see data for September 30th, click the September bar on October 2.

  1. In SAP mobile service cockpit, select Analytics > Usage Metering.

  2. For License Type, select standard to view usage history for the "standard (Users)" license plan, or resources to view usage history for the "resources" license plan.

  3. Depending on your license type selection, a graphic shows the user or resource count for the past three months.

  4. Click on a time bar to see details for the month. In the right pane, the Monthly Users or Monthly Resources table is updated to show the registered users or resources counted within the month.

  5. (Optional) In Monthly Users or Monthly Resources, search for a specific user or resource. You can enter a partial string.

  6. Select Download Raw Data in the upper right corner to download raw data locally in a .cvs file. Raw data includes the applications the selected users or resources have accessed.

    1. In Custom Download Data Range (UTC+0000) enter a date range within the last three months, and click OK. The file is downloaded to your local environment, either:

      • users_metering_history_<date-range>

      • resources_metering_history_<date-range>

    2. View the metering history for the date range selected.

      Users or Resources Metering History

      Column Description
      Report Date The date that the user or resource data was reported.
      Application ID The application identifier for the application that was used by the registered user or resource.
      User Name The user name for the registered user that accessed the application.
      Resource Name The resource name for the individual or asset that accessed the application.
    3. You can sort the data by application ID, user name, or resource name to learn more about the applications that a user or resource has accessed. Optionally you can save the file.

Last update: November 15, 2022