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SAP Fiori Overview

SAP Fiori is the User Experience of the Intelligent Enterprise that changes the way you work. It equips designers and developers with a set of tools and guidelines to create apps for any platform faster than ever – providing a consistent, innovative experience for both creators and users. SAP Fiori enables you to turn new ideas into great apps as quickly as the market demands. The SAP Fiori for Android and iOS design languages take the strengths of the Fiori user interface and the mobile operating systems to deliver enterprise applications that fulfill the needs of users and businesses with modern and sleek designs. On top of that, apps built with the Mobile Development Kit come with native Fiori controls by default, without any additional effort required.


  1. Use the stencils for Fiori for Android and Fiori for iOS to sketch your user interface.
  2. Use the SAP Fiori Mentor app for Android or iOS to explore and configure Fiori UI controls.
  3. Add the SAP BTP SDK for Android or iOS to your application.
  4. Use the code snippets from the Fiori Mentor app to build your native user interface.

Feature Scope

Feature Description
Design consistent user experiences Use stencils to sketch Fiori user interfaces
Explore and configure Fiori controls Use the Fiori Mentor app to tweak Fiori control settings, side-by-side with the code your app needs
Implement native Fiori for your app Use the SAP BTP SDK for Android or iOS to add native Fiori controls to your apps
Out-of-the-box native Fiori with Mobile Development Kit Apps built with the Mobile Development kit use native Fiori controls by default

Last update: April 14, 2021