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Translation Hub Overview

SAP Translation Hub enables you to streamline translation routines and to tap into new markets by localizing products. Translate texts using APIs or integrated translation workflow scenarios that access a multilingual database and machine translation capabilities. Meet the demands of your industry- or company-specific terminology needs by uploading and using your own language data, no matter if you are using HTML-based apps, mobile apps or traditional ABAP user interfaces. You can find more information on Translation Hub on the SAP Cloud Platform Capability site.


  1. Enable SAP Translation Hub on SAP Cloud Platform account
  2. Install the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for Android or iOS
  3. Use the Android Wizard or iOS Assistant to translate project resources

Feature Scope

Feature Description
Connect mobile projects to SAP Translation Hub Use existing SAP Translation Hub deployments and projects to translate project resources
Integrated with local tooling Use the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for Android Wizard or the iOS Assistant to access Translation Hub from your workstation

Last update: August 12, 2020