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6.1 Release Notes

Mobile Development Kit Client 6.1.3

This patch release provides the following minor update and important bug fixes.

  • Improve stability of BottomNavigation and Tab Control when resume app and switch pages
  • ActionBinding works properly on AccesoryButton in Web runtime
  • Duration Picker works properly after changing visible property in Web runtime
  • UI padding can display correctly on Tab Control in iOS
  • UploadStream can also accept single media content object as property value

Mobile Development Kit Client 6.1.2

This patch release provides the following minor update and important bug fixes.

  • Enable native localization based on Mobile Development Kit supported languages
  • Adding multiple attachments now works properly in Android
  • Multiple duration pickers redraw correctly on scroll in a FormCell page in Android
  • Context binding now works correctly in Tab Item, when triggering toolbar item onPress event from Tab parent page toolbar
  • Update pending entity within the ChangeSet no longer throw update entity error without old values
  • German Umlaut characters in log viewer of Mobile Development Kit dependency installer can be displayed correctly
  • Action binding is now preserved correctly when navigating from context menu option on a Master Detail page

Mobile Development Kit Client 6.1.1

This patch release provides the following minor update and important bug fixes.

  • Popover will now open when used in Tab page in Web
  • Duration Picker value can be set to correct value on Formcell page with vertical scroll bar in Android
  • Enhance input validation of OnValueChange event of FormCell Note control in iOS
  • Client API setSegments can accept object array
  • Create client script can properly handle README file in Web > App_Resources folder generated by SAP Business Application Studio project template
  • Get API for IsPickerDismissedOnSelection property of list picker form cell control can return correct value
  • Upgrade to SAP BTP SDK for iOS version 6.1.11
  • Upgrade to SAP BTP SDK for Android version 3.4.6

Mobile Development Kit Client 6.1

Notable new or changed features for the Mobile Development Kit Client 6.1

New UI Controls

Data Table

Data Table is a scrollable table that allows you to show more columns of data and any columns that can't fit the screen can be scrolled into view. You can also choose to have the first column to be fixed at its position and only the other columns will be scrolling.

For more information, see Data Table

Image Section

Image Section for Section Page allows you to display a single image with various configuration to suits your needs.

You can configure the height, width, content mode to scale fit or stretch or fill.

See Image for more information and all of the possible configurations.

Inline Signature Capture Form Cell

This new control allows you to show the signature capture canvas in the form cell container page directly instead of having to show it in a separate pop up dialog box.

For more information, see Inline Signature Capture API reference.

UI Control Fragments

UI Fragment that allows you to define parts of your UI in fragment file that can be re-used in different part of the page or different pages.

For more information about fragments, see Fragments


Sectioned Table Target Binding

Sectioned Table now supports Target property for binding. It allows you to render different type of sections depending on the result of the query.

OData Image Direct Rendering

You can now specify a binding syntax to display media stream from an OData media entity or OData property with type Edm.Stream.

For more information, see OData Media Binding

Multi Users Enhancement for iOS

Multi users support for iOS has been enhanced to be more closer to Android counterpart.

Forgot passcode flow was improved to be more streamlined.

Feature such as lock timeout, email obfuscation are added.

Passcode code screen text customization is also added.

Toolbar Overflow

Toolbar items will be moved to overflow popover when there's not enough space to display them.

Support Rules in a Contact Cell Activity Items

Contact Cell's ActivityItems property now supports rules. You can return an array of Activity Items

More Icons for System Item

New platform specific system icons (for System Item) are introduced to give you more choices of icons provided by SF Symbols, SAP Fiori for iOS icons, and Android Material icons.

You can use them in the SystemItem property for Action Bar and Toolbar.

See System Item for more information.

Custom Event Handler Support

We have introduced a special events in Page control OnCustomEventDataReceived.

This event will not be triggered by the app by default. You can however trigger this event in your codes by using the ClientAPI.executeCustomEvent.

The aim of this event is to allow you to trigger a custom event to the page, e.g. when handling hardware scanning.

Application Level Client Data

You can now get and set Client Data on application level instead of page level.

This allows you to store information in application client data which are accessible anywhere within the app.

It can be accessed via "#Application/#ClientData/<CustomPropName>"

e.g. "#Application/#ClientData/CustomUserSettings"

A new getAppClientData() API is also introduced to allow you to retrieve Application Client Data in a JavaScript rule.


Existing application client data such as UserId, DeviceId, MobileServicesEndpoint, and MobileServiceAppId are now moved to Application App Data (#Application/#AppData)


"#Application/#AppData/UserId" "#Application/#AppData/DeviceId" "#Application/#AppData/MobileServiceEndpoint" "#Application/#AppData/MobileServiceAppId"

The existing target path will still exist and usable for backward compatibility but you are highly recommended to update to use the new path.

ClientAPI Enhancement

Name Parameter for setActionBarItemVisible API

setActionBarItemVisible API now also accepts the name of the action bar item in string format.

New APIs for Form Cell Controls

We have introduced new Form Cell Control Proxy class with new getter and setter function that allows you to get or set certain properties at runtime.

OData & REST Service

New Upload Media Action

We have introduced new Upload Media action that allows you upload a new media to replace an existing media in a media entity.

New Filters Property In Sectioned Table

We have introduced a new metadata property called Filters in Sectioned Table which accept only JavaScript Rules.

This property can be used to set filter / sorter the Sectioned Table's Object Table. Any filters / sorter that are set will be applied when user open the filter page.

In the assigned rule, you can return an array of FilterCriteria that can be created via ClientAPI.createFilterCriteria API.

We also provide getFilters and setFilters APIs in SectionedTableProxy class. getFilters will return an array of FilterCriteria currently applied to the Sectioned Table. setFilters accept an array of FilterCriteria to allow you to replace filters / sorter applied on the Sectioned Table.

Branded Client

Override Debug Settings

Debug Settings that's typically defined in the BrandedSettings.json can now be overridden using Overrides.json and also via a new setDebugSettings API.

Support Overrides.json in Android

You can now upload an Overrides.json in Android by going to your app's info page > additional settings (might vary depending on device) > Upload Overrides JSON. This allows you to upload an overrides.json to override certain properties in BrandedSettings.json such as DebugSettings and AllowCerts properties (other properties are not overridable).

Include Source Map Option in Create Client Script

We have added the option --include-source-map to the create-client command script.

If the argument is specified, we will include source map of the built-in metadata to the generated client project, otherwise the source map will not be included.

Support Additional Languages

Mobile Development Kit Client now supports the following new languages:

  • English - UK (en_GB)
  • French - Canada (fr_CA)
  • Portuguese - Brazil (pt_BR)

Mobile Development Kit Editor 2201

Title Type Environment Description Available as of
Support Overriding Fragment New Neo (Web IDE) and CF (Business Application Studio) Support Overriding Fragment Jan 17, 2022
Support Target Folder in Template New CF (Business Application Studio) Support Target Folder in Template Jan 17, 2022

Last update: December 21, 2022