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Localizing iOS Apps

Localize your Xcode projects through the SAP Translation Hub using the SAP BTP SDK Assistant for iOS.

Configure a Translation Hub Account

  • From the Assistant's Add (Translation) Account screen, enter Translation Hub account information:

    • Name Name of the Translation Hub account.

    • Base URL The URL of the Translation Hub service. Enter the Base URL on the Assistant's Add Translation screen using the following table as guidance:

      Global Account Base URL
      Trial https://saptranslation-<subaccountname>
      Enterprise https://sap<provider subaccount name>-<subscription subaccount name>.<region host>
    • Authentication Choose one of the following:

      • Basic – Enter User Name and Password
      • SAML
  • Once configured, you can edit, or add additional Translation Hub accounts from the Assistant.

Localize Project Strings

Select All Projects from the Assistant home screen to manage them from the Projects screen. For a selected project, you can add translation by clicking on the Translate button. Upload the project's localized strings to Translation Hub and add the translations back into the project. These can be your own custom strings as well as localized versions.

See Language Support for details on localization of end-user facing texts that are part of the UI controls.

Last update: January 25, 2022