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Known Issues


  • Onboarding QR Code Scanner not working in a certain condition in iOS 14.0.1 (iOS platform only)
    • When starting the onboarding scan for the first time, if user chooses to give "Camera" and "Photos" access permission, in a certain condition, the QR code scanner is no longer working.
    • This happens only in a certain situation and might not affect all devices.
    • This is related to iOS 14 changes on how "Photo" permission is requested.
    • Workaround: Give camera permission and deny photo permission.
  • Search field bar code scanner is not working with Side Drawer (iOS platform only)
    • When a Side Drawer page is used as the app's main page, bar code scanner in search field is no longer showing up when pressed.
    • No workaround at the moment.
  • Previewing web client app in SAP Web IDE gives HTTP 404 error
    • When previewing a web client app by running the index.html in the metadata/<YourProjectName> folder of MDKWebpackFactory project in SAP Web IDE workspace, HTTP Status 404 – Not Found error is displayed.
    • Workaround: Remove the metadata/<YourProjectName>/ path from the preview URL generated by SAP Web IDE.


  • Content-Length Header Stripped Out (Android platform only)
    • When using CreateMedia/CreateRelatedMedia/UploadStream OData action to upload a media to online back-end service, if Content-Length is set to the action's Headers property, the Content-Length will be stripped out ignored and the setting will not send to the back-end service.
    • Upgrade to the Mobile Development Kit 4.2.6 or newer release.
  • In-App QR code scanner
    • Users onboarding to an app for the first time can now use an in-built QR code scanner provided with the client. For successive onboarding such as onboarding to another app while already onboarded into client this feature cannot be used.
    • Upgrade to Mobile Development Kit 4.3 or newer, or use a third party QR code scanner app.
  • Chart Card Collection
    • In Android order of the data series rendering does not follow the order specified in metadata. For example if the metadata has the 4 different data sets say for year 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020. While rendering the order of the plot would change to 2018, 2017, 2020, 2019.
    • There is currently no workaround for this issue.
  • Chart Content Section
    • In Android mismatch in size of data sets would lead to crash. For example if Data array has 2 data sets one with 6 values and second with 3 values then on-click of chart plot would result in crash.
    • Workaround for this issue is to pad second data set with 3 additional zeros.


  • NativeScript CLI tool 6.3.3 caused the following issues:
    • Running client via tns run ios --emulator from command line will automatically attach a debugger, this will cause crash if you try to attach a debugger via Visual Studio Code.
      • Solution A: Execute the command with --no-hmr e.g. tns run ios --emulator --no-hmr
      • Solution B: Launch and debug the app via MDK Launch on iOS in Visual Studio Code
    • While tns run ios --emulator (or --device) command is running and watching for file changes, if your local metadata project is changed, bundled and deployed to the local client's app folder, the tns watcher will no longer reload the app automatically.
      • Solution A: Execute the command with --no-hmr e.g. tns run ios --emulator --no-hmr (or tns run ios --device xyz --no-hmr) command.
      • Solution B: Stop and re-run tns run ios --emulator (or --device) command.

Last update: October 27, 2020