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Onboarding Overview

The goal of a smooth user onboarding process is to enable users to become effective using your software, ideally without any external effort. The mobile services and their associated tools provide a number of means to achieve efficient onboarding, which includes making it easier for users to find your apps, to help them connect to the right systems, and to understand how to use them.


  1. Integrate your mobile experience into existing web pages by means of application links.
  2. Use Fiori Flows to provide a consistent, native first-use experience and to obtain user consent.
  3. Configure Discovery Service to ease user onboarding in cases where your app connects to multiple potential system landscapes.

Feature Scope

Feature Description
Fiori everywhere Make it easier for users to understand your app by implementing common Fiori patterns
Consistent onboarding experience Use Fiori Flows for a native Fiori onboarding experience across apps
Manage terms and consent Use Fiori Flows to communicate usage terms and to ask for user consent
Auto-configure apps Use Discovery Service to enable apps to auto-configure themselves
Seamless transition between web and mobile Use application links to guide users from web pages to native experiences

Last update: April 14, 2021