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23.4 Release Notes

Mobile Development Kit Client 23.4.5

  • Improved the application stability of back navigation when the loading indicator is visible at the bottom of a page
  • Improved Simple Property Collection to support the change of NumberOfColumns and MinimumInteritemSpacing
  • Addressed intermittent crashes due to out of memory condition in iOS
  • Improved support for QR codes when using custom URI schema and custom BrandedSettings.json
  • Improved readability of messages in white background while navigating back during the onboarding process of an Android device
  • Improved support for items defined through Rule in SideDrawer
  • Improved multi-user support to upload previous user’s pending transactions when switching between user accounts
  • Improved handling and dismissal of the "Sync In Progress" banner when there is a pending transaction while switching between user accounts in multi-user mode
  • Improved the rendering of the "Return to Sign in" button in the "Transaction Issue" screen to support multi-user switching in Android
  • Improved application stability to display the "Offline Transaction Issue" screen instead of crashing while adding another user in Android
  • Improved the offline OData deep insert support for the navigation properties with many cardinalities
  • Upgraded to SAP BTP SDK for Android version 6.0.5
  • Upgraded to SAP BTP SDK for iOS version 9.1.8
  • Support for XCode 15.0

Mobile Development Kit Client 23.4.4

  • Enhance the OnUserSwitch event for multi-user scenarios when resuming the app from background
  • Enhance support for deselected items in an object Table
  • Improve application stability to address a crash when font size and display mode are changed
  • Improve the application stability of back navigation when the loading indicator is visible at the bottom of a page
  • Enhance the Object Table to retain current user selections when using the search feature
  • Enhance support for the getSelectedItems() function during Object Table initialization
  • Address the crash issue after scanning the QR code when AllowedDomains is set to "All"
  • Address Filter properties rule being called twice for "on load" and "on reset"

Mobile Development Kit Client 23.4.3

  • Enhanced custom extension to work with Object card control on Android
  • Enhanced Splash Screen to work in Android 12 or newer version
  • Enhanced support for background push notification with Android API level 31 or above
  • Enhanced scrolling of FormCell Section Header on modal opening
  • Enhanced Filter control support of FormCell Section in Section page
  • Enhanced redraw when Image section property changes in iOS
  • Enhanced redraw of a KeyValue collection when the LinkColor is applied
  • Upgrade to SAP BTP SDK for iOS version 9.1.6

Mobile Development Kit Client 23.4.2

  • Enhance ProgressBanner redrawing in Android
  • Enhance ActionBar redrawing in Web
  • Enhance OData support for CRUD app with draft enabled backend CAP service
  • Enhance app restore process in Android to prevent the app from crashing while unlocking the device after long idle time
  • Enhance Message Action to avoid sending extra alert message after the custom message action
  • Enhance Query Options encoding for Online OData to fix clientAPI.count removing issue
  • Enhance Attachment background color rendering in iOS to make the result compatible with SAP ECC
  • Upgrade to SAP BTP SDK for Android version 6.0.4

Mobile Development Kit Client 23.4.1

  • Enhance Toolbar button event handling in Web
  • Enhance ActionBar items redrawing in DataTable edit mode in iOS
  • Enhance ObjectTable redrawing when both multiple selection and search options are enabled
  • Enhance FormCell Attachment control
  • Enhance TargetPath segment checking for custom control extension
  • Enhance SideDrawerItem redrawing in Android
  • Enhance Secure Store access protection in Android
  • Enhance Multi-User mode to better support app restarting and resuming
  • Enhance ToolBar label styling support
  • Enhance backend data binding for ListPicker
  • Upgrade to XCode 14.3
  • Upgrade to SAP BTP SDK for iOS version 9.1.3
  • Upgrade to SAP BTP SDK for Android version 6.0.3

Mobile Development Kit Client 23.4.0


We are set to follow a new versioning system for this release as well as all the upcoming Mobile Development Kit releases: yy.m.x, where yy denotes the year of release, m denotes the month of release, and x denotes the patch number.

Minimum OS version requirements for this release:

  • iOS/iPadOS 15.x and iOS/iPadOS 16.x (It has been tested with Xcode 14.2, iOS/iPadOS 15.5 and iOS/iPadOS 16.2)
  • Android OS 8.0 or newer (It has been tested with Android 9/10/11/12/13)

New and enhanced features available with the Mobile Development Kit Client 23.4.0


Reset SideDrawerMenu Navigation Stack

With this release, you can reset a specific SideDrawerMenu's navigation stack even when it's not active. Thus letting you reset your business flow in that particular frame while user completes a process in another SideDrawerMenu's frame.

We have introduced a couple of APIs to achieve the same -

  • SideDrawerControlProxy:
  • SideDrawerMenuItemProxy:
    • reset() - This API resets the navigation stack and renders the first page of this menu item's frame.

Segment Control for TabStrip

With this release we are introducing a new TabStripType for the iOS platform - Segmented, which can be used to implement segment control in TabStrip and display various views in each segment.

Editable Data Table Control

We have introduced inline editing mode for Data Table. Entries in a Data Table can now be directly edited without having to open the full object edit view. This can be achieved by setting EditMode to Inline on the Data Table.

To enable the inline editing mode, you have to migrate your row item (Data Table Column) from Image, and Text to use DisplayType, EditType, and Value as defined here.

You can use the new Java Script APIs setEditMode() / getEditMode() to control the edit mode.

You can get a list of all the modified items using the API getChanges(). You can then use this list to perform any operation, like updating OData entities.

You can retrieve a specific cell value using the API getCell(). You can also use this API to modify the value of another cell or target specifier as required.

For more information refer to the following topics:

Separator Lines in Section

Separator lines can now be hidden/shown in the sections and headers based on your preference using APIs.

We have introduced Separators property for most of the section controls, except for the Header section such as Object Header, Profile Header, and so on.

Separators property allow you to control different separator lines within each section such as BottomSectionSeparator, ControlSeparator, FooterSeparator, HeaderSeparator, and TopSectionSeparator.

We have also introduced Separator property for all Form Cell controls to allow more granular control on the separator.

Refer to the Separator Properties topic for more information.

Section Header Enhancements

With this release you can add an Icon, a Label or a Button to the Section Header using the Items property. When defined, Items will replace the Caption. Currently, you can add a maximum of one item on each sides of the header.

We have also introduced OnPress event that will be triggered when users click the header view.

You can use the Styles property to apply various styling options for the Header and Footer in Section controls.

Signed QR Code

In this release, we have introduced the signed QR code option for seamlessly onboarding iOS and Android devices. When enabled, this feature allows users to securely onboard by scanning a QR code that is encrypted with an approved private key. For more information, please refer to the Signed QR Code topic.

Overriding the Default Behavior of Back Button

We have introduced a new event OnBackButtonPressed with this release that gets triggered when a user clicks the back button in the action bar. OnBackButtonPressed can be used to alert the users to save the changes made in the current window before navigating back to the previous window.

Mobile Development Kit Color Icon

You can now update the generic Mobile Development Kit client icon to use the new color versions of the icon. Also, you can update the App store/play store metadata to use the new icon on pages in the store.

Clients Created with Mobile Development Kit SDK

The default icon for all the clients that were created with the Mobile Development Kit SDK will be updated to the new Mobile Development Kit icon in monochromatic version.

Mobile Development Kit Editor 2304

Title Type Environment Description Available as of
Support Client 23.4 metadata New Cloud Foundry (Business Application Studio) Support new metadata changes for Client 23.4 as Business Application Studio extension Apr 24, 2023

Last update: October 23, 2023