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Create a Signing Profile

As an administrator, you can create signing profiles for iOS and Android applications.

In order to build and run a binary on Android and iOS, the binaries must be signed. As an administrator you can manage your enterprise signing profiles, which are used by the cloud build service to build the .ipa and .apk files .You can generate a new Android signing profile, and you can upload an existing Android or iOS signing profile.

  1. In SAP mobile service cockpit, select Settings > Cloud Build > Signing Profiles.

  2. View the existing signing profiles already generated or uploaded for Cloud Build Service [the total number of signing profiles is indicated after Signing Profiles (). You can search for specific profiles, or sort the existing profiles to see a subset of the total signing profiles. The profiles are presented by platform, including Android and iOS.

    Signing Profiles

    Column Description
    Profile Name The name assigned to the signing profile.
    Created By The identifier of the person who created the signing profile.
    Expiry Date The date that the signing profile expires, in local or UTC time zone.
    Profile Type The profile type, including Uploaded and Generated.
    Actions The actions you can take, such as delete or edit.
  3. As administrator you can generate a new signing profile for Android, or upload an existing one for both iOS and Android.

    If you select Generate to generate a new Android signing profile, provide the following information:

    Required information:

    • Profile Name

    • Validity (in years)

    • Common Name (current user's name)

    Optional information:

    • Organization

    • Organization Unit

    • City or Locality

    • State or Province

    • Country Code

    If you select Upload to upload an existing iOS or Android signing profile, provide the following information:

    For the iOS platform:

    • Profile Name

    • Signing Certificate (in .p12 format)

    • Private Key Passphrase

    • Provisioning Profile (in .mobileprovisioning format)

    For the Android platform:

    • Profile Name

    • Keystore File (in .keystore or .jks format)

    • Keystore Password

    • Key Alias

    • Key Password

  4. You can edit an existing uploaded signing profile for Android or iOS platforms.

    Select the profile you want to edit and make the required changes. You cannot change the name of the signing profile and you cannot edit generated Android signing profiles.

  5. You can delete an existing uploaded signing profile for Android or iOS platforms.

  6. Save the new signing profile.

    The certificate expiration date appears for each profile on the list.

Last update: April 20, 2021