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Object Header Chart View


open class FUIObjectHeaderChartView: FUITintableDrawingView<FUIControlState>, FUITitleComponent, FUISubtitleComponent, FUITrendComponent, FUIKPIComponent, FUIKPIAttributesConsumer, FUIKPIAttributesProvider

Chart & KPI content View for presentation in FUIObjectHeader. Set an instance of this view to the FUIObjectHeader.detailContentView property, for correct layout.


let view = FUIObjectHeaderChartView()
view.title.text = "Voltage Readings"
view.subtitle.text = "Volatility"
view.trend.text = "0.24%""
view.trendImage =
view.trendSemanticColor = UIColor.preferredFioriColor(forStyle: .positive)
view.chartView.dataSource = self
view.isEnabled = true

objectHeader.detailContentView = view

Last update: April 14, 2021