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User Settings

The Mobile Development Kit extension for Visual Studio Code contains configurable user settings which allow users to customize the behavior of the extension.

User Setting Description Required/Optional Type Default
Debug Group
mdk.debugAppRoot Folder path of the create client command's output (For example: /MDK_SDK/Example App). Required String
Bundle Group
mdk.autoBundle It indicates whether to trigger bundle build task every time an Mobile Development Kit file is saved. Optional Boolean True
mdk.bundleToAppRoot It indicates whether to update bundle result to the mdk.debugAppRoot or launch.json AppRoot references after the bundle task is completed. Optional Boolean True
mdk.bundlerPath File path for the Mobile Development Kit bundler tool to override the built-in bundler version. Optional String
mdk.bundlerExternals The list of imported references (plugins and modules) not contained in your Mobile Development Kit application.
By listing these references here, it is assumed that the Mobile Development Kit client running the resulting bundle will contain these plugins and modules.
Optional Array
mdk.createUploadBundleZip It generates the file along with the bundle build task process. Optional Boolean False
mdk.tsTarget It indicates that compile ts files to ES5 or ES6 for application-bundler. Optional String es5
Validation Group
mdk.validateBeforeBundle It indicates whether to validate the Mobile Development Kit application every time before the bundling process begins. Optional Boolean True
mdk.stopBundleOnValidationError It indicates whether to stop the bundling process if validation errors occur. Optional Boolean False
Extend Project Group
mdk.baseDeployment It indicates what tasks will be auto-triggered in base project deployment. Add Missing Name means it will automatically add missing names for page controls, which are used for extending the application. Build means it will trigger bundle process in local to check if there are any errors to avoid build failure in mobile services. Optional String
mdk.extensionDeployment It indicates the tasks that will be auto-triggered in the extension project deployment. Sync Base means it will check if there are any updates in the base project. Build means it will trigger bundle process with base project in local to check if there are any errors to avoid build failure in mobile services. Optional String
mdk.defaultAndroidSimulator The default android simulator ID. Optional String
mdk.defaultSimulator The default iOS simulator ID. Optional String
mdk.extensionsPath The extensions path of your Mobile Development Kit project for checking unused files. Optional String
mdk.ignoredFiles The file names to be ignored while checking unused files. Optional Array
mdk.logLevel Log level to be traced in Output View > MDK Extension (For example: one of the items [debug, info, warning, error]). Optional String Info
mdk.serviceMetadataExpiredDays It indicates the number of days before reminding the user to update the service metadata XML.
The default value is 7 (days).
A value of 0 will immediately remind the user, whereas a value less than 0 indicates never remind the user.
Optional Number 7
mdk.mobileservice Set the mobile services admin API and app ID used for deployment.
This setting is used to deploy the generated bundle.js and to mobile services.
Optional String
mdk.platform It flags warnings for the platform specific metadata properties during validation based on the selected platforms. Required String iOS & Android
mdk.provisionProfile Name of the provisioning profile that is to be used for code signing the app on iOS device. Optional String
mdk.referenceApplications The reference array to other dependent applications. Optional Array

Example for mdk.bundlerExternals:

  "mdk.bundlerExternals": [

Example for mdk.ignoredFiles:

  "mdk.ignoredFiles": [

Example for mdk.mobileservice:

  "mdk.mobileservice": {
    "adminAPI": "",
    "appId": ""

Example for mdk.referenceApplications:

  "mdk.referenceApplications": [
            "name": "",
            "path": "",
            "comp": ""

Last update: August 28, 2023