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User Settings

The Mobile Development Kit extension for Visual Studio Code contains configurable user settings which allow users to customize the behavior of the extension.

User Setting Description Required/Optional Type Default
Debug Group
mdk.debugAppRoot The folder path for the NativeScript project corresponding to the debugged Mobile Development Kit extension for Visual Studio Code client app (For example: /MDK_SDK/Example App). Required String
Bundle Group
mdk.autoBundle It indicates whether to trigger bundle build task once the MDK file is saved without validation error. Optional Boolean True
mdk.bundleToAppRoot It indicates whether to update bundle result to the mdk.debugAppRoot after the bundle task is completed. Optional Boolean True
mdk.bundlerPath The file path for the MDK bundler tool. Optional String
mdk.bundlerExternals The external components for the MDK bundler tool.
Use full imports for native script modules. For more information, see Upgrading to NativeScript 6.0
Optional Array
mdk.createUploadBundleZip It generates the file along with the bundle build task process. Optional Boolean False
Validation Group
mdk.validateBeforeBundle It indicates whether to validate the whole application before the process bundling begins. Optional Boolean True
mdk.stopBundleOnValidationError It indicates whether to stop the bundle task once validation errors are found. Optional Boolean False
mdk.logLevel The log level to be traced in the log file (For example: one of the items [debug, info, warning, error]). Optional String Info
mdk.serviceMetadataExpiredDays It indicates the number of days to expiry before asking the users to update the service metadata xml.
The default value is 7 (days). A value of 0 indicates expired immediately, whereas the value less than 0 indicates never expired.
Optional Number 7
mdk.mobileservice Set the mobile service admin API and app ID used for deployment..
This setting is used to deploy the generated bundle.js and to mobile service on NEO and Cloud Foundry environments.
You can add this user setting at three levels: Folder, Workspace, and User levels, with the former one at higher priority.
Optional String

Example for mdk.mobileservice:

  "mdk.mobileservice": {
    "adminAPI": "",
    "appId": ""


For deploying on Cloud Foundry, mdk.mobileservice settings should be set. For deploying on NEO, mdk.mobileservice settings takes the priority. If mdk.mobileservice isn’t set, then the appRoot specified in launch.json and user setting is used.

Modules that are added in mdk.bundlerExternals by defaults are:

  • Modules beginning with tns-core-modules/
  • ./IView
  • ./controls/IControl
  • ./observables/BaseObservable
  • ./utils/I18nHelper

Therefore, these modules need not be added to mdk.bundlerExternals while importing them in .js or .ts file.

Last update: November 18, 2021