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OData Media Stream

You can perform various operations on an OData media stream, such as retrieving media, binding media to UI controls, and creating, updating, and deleting OData media.

OData media entities are OData entity sets with HasStream=true or the OData stream property (OData property with type Edm.Stream).

Retrieving and Displaying Media

Binding Media to UI Controls and Actions

You can directly bind an OData entity's media stream to UI controls or actions using direct binding syntax. For example:


For details on how to do this, see OData Media Binding

Downloading Media and Stream

You can download OData media from an OData media entity or stream using the OData Service Download Media action and OData Service Download Stream action.

The result of the action contains the native binary object of the media (NSData for iOS and ByteArray for Android).

Sample for Retrieving and Displaying Media

You can refer to the sample for binding and downloading media in ImageHandlingApp.

Last update: May 17, 2022