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Form Cell Page

A Form Cell Page is a term for a Page that contains a FormCellContainer.

It is suitable for pages that generate new objects or modify existing objects. It includes a form cell container by default. You can add form sections, multiple containers or action controls to this page. Under each container section, you can add various container items.

Form Cell Page in Mobile Development Kit Editor

When you drag and drop a control, the relevant section/container where you can add the control is highlighted in the Page Editor.

Listed below are the different categories of controls that you can add in the Form Cell Page:

  • Action: This category contains controls that allow end users to trigger some actions in a page. The two controls are Action Bar Item and Toolbar Item.

  • Container: This category includes controls that act as containers for other controls, such as container items. A container is constant for all pages. The size of a container depends on the controls and contents included inside. For example, when used in the header, the header defines the size of the container, and when used in the content section, the page content decides the size of the container.

    The control for the Container is Section.

  • Container Item: This category includes controls to be included in the Container. It has the following controls: Attachment, Button, Date Picker, Duration Picker, Extension, Filter, List Picker, Note, Segmented, Simple Property, Sorter, Switch and Title.

  • Registered Extension Control: This category includes the extension controls that you have created to extend the functionality of your app and can be used as base controls by registering them using the Mobile Development Kit editor. To know how to register an extension control, see Registering Extension Control.

Control Description
Action Bar Item This is a button that users can use to fire actions when pressed. You can add an Action Bar Item only to the Action Bar (normally at the top of the page). You can drag the item to position it to the left or right side of the action bar.
Toolbar Item A Toolbar is a horizontal container that includes toolbar items and can display buttons, labels, selects, and other input controls.
Section Section acts as a container for container items. You can add multiple section containers to a page to group different controls.
Attachment This container item allows users to add or take a photo as an attachment.
Button A button communicates the action that it is going to initiate. Users can tap a button to begin a process or workflow, or to trigger an action.
Date Picker Date Picker allows users to select date or time entries. Users can use this control to specify a date, a time of day, or a combination of both.
Duration Picker Duration Picker allows the users to specify a duration by selecting a start time and an end time.
Extension This control renders a custom control extension in a Form Cell Container, which you can use to customize your app and extend its functionality. Use this control to display a single custom extension.
Filter Filter allows users to narrow down the results from a long list by setting some criteria. Users can reset the filter to go back to the complete list of results.
Inline Signature Capture The Inline Signature Capture control allows app to capture user's signature. It allows user to sign their signature directly in the page where this control is rendered
List Picker A picker control that allow users to select one or more. It is configurable to support multiple selection or single selection.
Note Note is a multi-line text entry control.
Segmented A segmented control is a horizontal bar divided into two or more mutually-exclusive buttons. This control provides users easy access to specific categories of content.
Signature Capture The Signature Capture control allows app to capture user's signature. User will be prompted to sign in a modal dialog
Simple Property The Simple Property control is a simple label that users can use to convey any information.
Sorter This control renders a Sorter form cell to be used in a filter-options page. It allows user to choose the field to be used as sorter.
Switch The switch control is used to toggle two mutually exclusive states, On and Off.
Title This is a single-line text entry control.

Last update: September 12, 2022