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Feature Restrictions Overview

Software development is a complex process, and the fast-paced Mobile development ecosystem is no exception to that rule: In order to stay agile and to be able to quickly react to changes, it can be convenient to be able to control app features outside the typical develop-test-deploy cycle. Use Feature Restriction policies to ship early features without having to immediately enable them, to enable specific sets of features per landscape or customer, or simply to turn off certain features in apps using SAP SDKs.

Procedure for Kapsel-Based Apps

  1. Enable the Settings Exchange feature for your SAP Fiori Client or other Kapsel-based app in the SAP mobile service cockpit.
  2. Configure the application to connect to mobile services.
  3. Toggle any of the following standard Kapsel features for your app:
    • Cordova Camera
    • Bar Code Scanner
    • Cordova Contacts
    • Cordova File
    • Cordova Geo Location
    • Cordova Calendar
    • Print
    • SAP Push Plugin

Procedure for Other Apps

  1. Enable the Feature Restrictions feature for your app in the SAP mobile service cockpit.
  2. Configure custom feature flags in the SAP mobile service cockpit.
  3. Use SAP SDKs to read feature flags from mobile services and have your app react to those flags.

Feature Scope

Feature Description
Restrict features in Kapsel-based apps Disable camera, bar code scanner, contacts, file, location, calendar, printer or push in SAP Fiori Client and other Cordova apps
Manage feature flags Create custom feature flags and use them to control arbitrary features in your apps

Last update: April 14, 2021