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Activation Selection Screen

The Activation screen is used in the activation process, asking users to select the location of the application configuration, either from the Discovery Service or by scanning a QR code.

There are two types of activation screen, as shown in the animation below. One screen lets the user choose which method to use for activation, either the Discovery Service or using a QR code scan. The Discovery Service allows the user to input a discovery email domain from which to get the application configuration.

Launch Screen


    activationSelectionScreenSettings = ActivationSelectionScreenSettings(
        title = R.string.title,
        description = R.string.description,
        discoveryButtonCaption = R.string.discovery_button,
        qrButtonCaption = R.string.qr_scan_button
    discoveryServiceButtonClickListener = {
    qrCodeButtonClickListener = {

Last update: February 20, 2023