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Viewing User Feedback Charts

(Native apps only) View user feedback reported for a mobile apps.

The mobile app must be enabled to request, process, and upload user feedback. Supported user feedback includes scale ratings reactions, such as 1-5 stars, and text.

Mobile service cockpit users with developer or manager roles can view feedback from app users, to understand how users responded to user feedback requests.

  1. In SAP mobile service cockpit, select Analytics > User Feedback.

  2. (Optional) You can narrow the focus of user feedback by setting filters such as application name, application version, platform, platform version, context, device model, user name, date, and more. Select Reset to clear your filters.

  3. Select Ratings to view the following feedback:

    • Numeric Points
  4. Total Ratings

  5. Average Rating

  6. Comments Received

  7. Known User Ratings

  8. Anonymous Ratings

    • Trend Line ‒ Daily Ratings

    • Bar Charts

  9. Average Rating by App

  10. Average Rating by Context

    • Trend Lines
  11. Average Rating by App

  12. Average Rating by Context

    • Bar Charts
  13. Rating by App

  14. Rating by Context

  15. Select Table Data to access the raw data that's associated with the user feedback comments, then download a report showing each response with its related data. Right-click a column header to see options such as drill, sort, hide. Options that are grayed out aren't available.

    • Application ‒ the application name, such as com.<domain_name>.<app_name>.

    • Application Version ‒ the application version used.

    • Platform ‒ the platform used, such as iOS or Android.

    • Platform Version ‒ the platform version used.

    • Context ‒ the context of the comments, depending on the app (such as user feedback, creative, high growth area, outdated, slow, amp).

    • Comment ‒ the comment or feedback provided by the user, depending on the app (such as average, new, creative). Keep in mind:

  16. Depending on the app, cells may be blank for data that is repeated or includes the same data values for each category. This should not be misinterpreted as missing data.

  17. Comments that exceed 255 characters are truncated to 255, and present "..." as the final three characters.

    Comments that are interpreted to include HTML tags are modified with character deletions. Output varies by condition.

    • Device Model ‒ the device model used, such as iPhone.

    • Device ID ‒ a device identifier for the device used, or Null if not available.

    • Instance ID ‒ the server data sharding identifier.

    • Score ‒ this is the same as "rating" in the visualizations, such as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 44 and so forth.

    • User Name ‒ a user identifier, or Anonymous if not available.

    • Date ‒ date/time the feedback item was collected.

Last update: December 16, 2020