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Viewing Audit Logs

View audit logs for a record of changes made through SAP mobile service cockpit.

  1. In SAP mobile service cockpit, select Analytics > Auditing.

  2. (Optional) You can narrow the focus of change logs to view by setting filters such as Application ID, Feature Name, Change Summary, Time Frame (either a predefined time frame, or a custom time frame using the calendar date-picker to define a range), and User Name; and selecting Go. Select Reset Filter to clear your filter entries. A list of change summaries is available.

    Audit Log Columns

    Column Description
    Time (UTC+0000) The time the change took place, in the format YYYY-MM_DD HH:MM:SS:sss.
    User Name The user who made the change.
    Application ID The application that was changed.
    Feature Name The feature name, such as Mobile Cockpit, Mobile Card Kit, or Mobile Push Notification.
    Change Summary A brief summary of the change made to a service or application, for example, "Service", "Application('')", or "updated existing card type".
  3. Select a change record to see its details. Under Audit Log Details, the summary information is provided.

    Under Revision History you can see the attribute that changed, the old value, and the new value.

    Revision History Properties

    Property Description
    Attribute The service or application attribute that changed, for example, services/
    Old Value The last old value. If this is blank, this means a new value was added.
    New Value The new value that was added or made, for example, push. If this is blank, this means the old value was deleted.
  4. (Optional) Select one or more of the change records, and then download them in .cvs format. Save the log in Excel file format.

Last update: May 20, 2021