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Creating Apps

The Mobile Development Kit extension for Visual Studio Code allows you to create new Mobile Development Kit metadata app definitions (action, CIM, global variable, i18n, page, rule, service, or style) by using the command palette or the context menu on the Visual Studio Code editor.

Creating a New Mobile Development Kit Metadata Project From Template

  1. In the Visual Studio Code editor workspace, open an Mobile Development Kit application folder and click View > Command Palette.
  2. From the command palette, choose MDK: New Application.
  3. In the opened dialog box, browse the target folder to choose the newly created application. When you specify the new application name, a numbered index is appended automatically if the named application already exists.


A new empty Mobile Development Kit application is created based on an embedded empty application template. If the target folder is within the current workspace, the newly created file is opened automatically. If not, then the current workspace is switched to the new application folder.

The Mobile Development Kit Extension supports creating app definitions via the context menu of workspace explorer and the command palette.

Command Name Description Context Menu Command Palette
MDK: New Application Create a new Mobile Development Kit Application Yes
MDK: New Page Create a new Page Yes
MDK: New Action Create a new Action Yes
MDK: New Service Create a new Service Yes
MDK: New Rule Create a new Rule Yes
MDK: New Global Variable Create a new Global Variable Yes
MDK: New Style Create a new Style file Yes
MDK: New i18n Create a new i18n file Yes
MDK: New CIM Create a new CIM file Yes
MDK: New Extension Create a new Extension control file Yes
MDK: Configure Extension Intellisense Configure an Extension control's IntelliSense Yes

Last update: December 9, 2022