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What's New

Mobile Development Kit Client 23.8.2

  • Improved memory management of Tab control to reduce application crashes
  • Enhanced fast filters with filter items defined via rule when page redraw is triggered by data subscription
  • Fixed target binding with the REST service to return a proper object type when handling JSON objects
  • Improved application stability when scrolling through or navigating to Object Card Collection on iOS
  • Fixed the update of the caption in the header of Object Card Collection to reflect the correct number of cards
  • Enhanced Analytic Card Collection to support set MaxItemCount
  • Enhanced List Picker to save the selected value when there is only one return value on the screen
  • Enhanced OData trace to show service and action headers
  • Enhanced the rendering of SideDrawer with long lists of styled menu items
  • Improved application stability to display the Offline Transaction Issue screen instead of crashing in Android when adding another user
  • Improved color effect of text messages in certain scenarios
  • Fixed redraw of filter form cell to show correct values when resetting
  • Fixed the query option to show a proper count of the data set
  • Improved application stability to handle scenarios where the main screen takes longer time to load after restarting the app
  • Fixed grid table to show search bar on iOS
  • Improved the rendering of the Return to Sign in screen button in the Transaction Issue screen in Android for multi-user switch support
  • Improved handling and dismissal of the Sync In Progress banner when there is a pending transaction while switching between user accounts in multi-user mode
  • Fixed the styling of the Simple Property Form Cell's Caption and Value
  • Fixed Onboarding QR code getting rejected when custom URI schema is used and the URL contains dots
  • Improved support for RtoL text alignment in extension view
  • Fixed app crashes that occur when the UploadMedia action's Media property goes unresolved in Android
  • Improved support for menu items defined via rule in SideDrawer
  • Upgraded to SAP BTP SDK for Android version 7.0.5
  • Upgraded to SAP BTP SDK for iOS version 9.2.4
  • Support for XCode 15.0

Mobile Development Kit Client 23.8.1

  • Improved the readability of error messages that are displayed when the “back” function is used in the login page after scanning a QR code (Android)
  • Improved the padding for ListPicker when ObjectCell and PreserveIconStackSpacing are set to false
  • Improved the dismiss behavior of the loading indicator when scrolling to the bottom of a list
  • Addressed the filter properties issue where the rule gets called twice for "on load" and "on reset"
  • Improved application stability to address a crash when font size and display mode are changed
  • Addressed application crashes that occur when the QR code is scanned with AllowedDomains set to All
  • Improved the offline OData deep insert support for navigation properties with many cardinalities
  • Improved application stability to support the usage of filtering and sorting options
  • Improved application stability to support back navigation when the loading indicator is visible at the bottom of a page
  • Enhanced OnUserSwitch event for the multi-user scenario when resuming the app from background
  • Enhanced support for deselected items in an Object Table
  • Enhanced Object Table to retain current user selections when using the search option
  • Enhanced support for the getSelectedItems() function during Object Table initialization

Mobile Development Kit Client 23.8

Minimum OS version requirements for this release:

  • iOS/iPadOS 15.x and iOS/iPadOS 16.x (It has been tested with Xcode 14.2, iOS/iPadOS 15.5 and iOS/iPadOS 16.2)
  • Android OS 8.0 or newer (It has been tested with Android 9/10/11/12/13)

New and enhanced features available with the Mobile Development Kit Client 23.8


Additional OData ChangeSet Actions

OData ChangeSet has been enhanced to support the following additional actions:

Both online and offline OData services support these actions exclusively on mobile platforms (iOS and Android).

Enabled State for Buttons

We have introduced a new property for the button controls - Enabled. The default value for the property is set to True. For more information refer to the following documents:

Zero Selection Option for the Duration Picker

With this release, the duration picker control will accept zero as a valid selection in the iOS platform (this feature is already supported on the Android platform). For more information refer to this document.

BackStackVisible Property in Navigation Action

We have introduced a new property BackStackVisible in Navigation Action that will indicate if the user navigation is being stored in the navigation history or not. By default, the value of this property is set to true.


This property is only applicable for inner and outer navigation type and not the cross navigation type.

Done and Negative Sign Button in the Simple Property Control Keyboard in iOS

We have introduced two new elements in the Simple Property FormCell's control keyboard (iOS platform):

  • Done - You can find this button on the trailing side of the keyboard. Pressing this will close the active keyboard. This button will be available for all the keyboards: Number, NumberPassword and Phone.
  • - - You can find the minus sign button on the leading side of the keyboard. This button can be used when you have to input a negative number. This button will only be available for the Number keyboard.


Negative sign can only be entered as the first character of the input.

Mobile Development Kit Editor 2310

Title Type Environment Description Available as of
Support overriding fragments in CIM New Cloud Foundry (SAP Business Application Studio) Support overriding fragments in CIM Oct 19, 2023
Generate Using Extension Points Report New Cloud Foundry (SAP Business Application Studio) Generate Using Extension Points Report Oct 19, 2023
Provide CSDL check option New Cloud Foundry (SAP Business Application Studio) Provide CSDL check option Oct 19, 2023

Last update: November 3, 2023