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Tracing Overview

The causes of many issues encountered while building mobile apps are not found in the app, but somewhere in the overall system that helps them function, which includes remote services. In order to facilitate the inspection of messages sent between clients and other systems, mobile services provides the Network Trace feature, which allows developers, supporters and administrator to inspect the network traffic flowing between apps and mobile services and between mobile services and other connected services. It is a powerful tool to localize issues, and includes an export function to easily replay requests in isolation.


  1. Enable the Network Trace feature in the SAP mobile service cockpit
  2. Start and stop a network trace in the SAP mobile service cockpit
  3. Download the recorded traffic for inspection

Feature Scope

Feature Description
Capture HTTP traffic Make recordings of incoming and outgoing requests between mobile services, apps and other services
Fine-grained recordings Limit recordings to specific users, content types, targets (apps or other services).
Capture different scopes Choose to capture only request headers or both headers and message body.
HTTP Archive (HAR) exports Download recordings as HAR files to view them locally or in dedicated tooling.
SAP Passport support Leverage SAP Passport for metering, integration monitoring, user monitoring, end-to-end tracing and business process monitoring.

Last update: January 25, 2022