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Retrieve Customization Resource Bundles

Download application resource bundles.


Application developers can customize and retrieve resource bundles. If the values of <resourceBundlename> and <resourceBundleVersion> are specified in the URL, the resource bundle is returned in the response body as a stream; otherwise, the resource bundle that is bound to the application is returned. The resource-bundle extension is in the response header X-BUNDLE-EXTENSION. If the resource bundle is not found in mobile platform, error code 404 is returned. You cannot issue other HTTP methods (PUT/POST/DELETE) at the above URL.


URL: https://<mobile services host>/bundles/<appid>/[<resourceBundleName>:<Version>]

HTTP Method: GET

Request Parameters

Parameter Type Description
appid Mandatory ID that uniquely identifies an application
resourceBundleName Optional Returns the resource bundle
Version Optional Returns version of the resource bundle

Request Body Example

GET /bundles/ HTTP/1.1
Host: smpserver:8080
Authorization: Basic <XXXX>


Code Description
200 OK Returns resource bundle content
404 Not Found Resource bundle is not found

Last update: November 18, 2021