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Back-End Connectivity Overview

Most mobile apps, and in fact all solutions providing continuity across devices, require a back end to function. Therefore, we provide Back-end Connectivity features with mobile services: To bring data where it matters most, at your users' fingertips. Securely enable your users to access data on the move, while at the same time keeping track of which apps use which back-end services. Leverage our features to manage service versions, control system load and to understand what data goes where.

Procedure for Back-End Tools

  1. Build a service optimized for mobile apps using mobile back-end tools.
  2. Deploy the service on-premise or in the cloud.
  3. Set up a destination for the deployed service.
  4. Consume data online or offline in apps built with SAP Mobile Cards, Mobile Development Kit, the SAP Business Technology Platform SDKs for Android and iOS or Kapsel.

Procedure for Other Back Ends

  1. Identify the service you want to connect to. In the case of an on-premise service, expose it to your SAP Business Technology Platform account by means of SAP Cloud Connector.
  2. Set up a destination for the service.
  3. Consume data online or offline in apps built with the SAP Business Technology Platform SDKs for Android and iOS, Mobile Development Kit or Kapsel.

Feature Scope

Feature Description
Manage destinations Securely connect your apps to business data via HTTP(S)
Authentication Authenticate back-end access by means of Basic (including SCIM), App-to-App SSO, Forward Authentication, SAP Cloud Connector SSO, OAuth2 SAML Bearer Assertion or Client Certificates
Virus scanning Scan incoming and outgoing traffic for harmful code and data
URL rewriting Automatically rewrite URLs, such as OData entity URIs or relative URLs used by apps
Control system load Define limits for request size, concurrent connections, timeouts and requests-per-second your back end should handle
User name propagation Additionally propagate the user name to back ends by means of headers
Add custom headers to requests Add additional headers to requests through mobile services, such as SAP Business Accelerator Hub API keys
Optimized for OData Auto-generate code in SAP Business Technology Platform SDKs for Android and iOS
Add annotations to services Add additional metadata to your OData, for tools to automatically generate UIs, for example
Test destinations Check service availability and browse OData back ends from the SAP mobile service cockpit

Last update: April 14, 2021