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NativeScript Framework Modules

Mobile Development Kit provides a set of NativeScript Framework Modules that are accessible on any Client API object using a well known property name.

Each Client API property maps to a NativeScript Framework Module.

Use the links to view NativeScript Framework details.

NativeScript Modules

ClientAPI Property Name NativeScript Module
nativescript.applicationModule Application
nativescript.appSettingsModule ApplicationSettings
nativescript.connectivityModule Connectivity
nativescript.fileSystemModule FileSystem
nativescript.platformModule Platform
nativescript.uiDialogsModule Dialogs
nativescript.utilsModule Utils


export default function SomeRuleFunction(anyClientAPI) {
  // Obtain a reference to the NativeScript Platform Module
  const platformModule = anyClientAPI.nativescript.platformModule;
  if (platformModule.isAndroid) {
      console.log("You are using Android device");

Last update: December 12, 2023