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4.3 Release Notes

Mobile Development Kit Client 4.3.6

This patch release provides the following minor update and important bug fixes.

  • Unable to select photo in attachment control in iOS platform
  • Object Header or Binding not refreshing after update entity operation
  • Repeated data is bound in some scenario after Section redraw
  • Action Binding lost after offline download action call
  • Standard icons not visible with white ActionBar
  • ProgressBanner stuck at in-progress state on screen timeout
  • App stuck at EULA page -> Enter Passcode page loop after cancelling re-authentication
  • ChangeSet commit with more than 10 actions failed
  • Object Table paging is not working when there's another section
  • DataSubscription Listeners not completely unregistered
  • Modal navigation failed if executed in success callback of another navigation action
  • Upgrade to SAP BTP SDK for iOS version 4.0.27

Mobile Development Kit Client 4.3.5

This patch release provides the following minor update and important bug fixes.

  • Action binding is not being passed when launched from tab items other than first tab item
  • ActivityIndicator blocks when modal page is closed
  • Issue with context binding data in Toolbar Items when page is redrawn due to data subscription
  • List Picker selection is slow/not working on subsequent selection with big data set
  • Cursor not visible while editing lengthy Notification long text
  • Upgrade to SAP BTP SDK for iOS version 4.0.25

Mobile Development Kit Client 4.3.4

This patch release provides the following minor update and important bug fixes.

  • List picker does not display the initial value until the picker is opened and closed
  • Rule assigned to properties is executed multiple times during update entity action
  • Unable to get page proxy of other page on load in Tabs control
  • Client crashes on dismissing the Sync progress bar with Search active on the list
  • Image data with http:// or https:// is not displayed on Android
  • LanguageURLParam is not picked up in Online Service
  • Custom Header feature for Service definitions not supported for Offline Init/Download OData
  • Mobile Development Kit Client Dependencies Installer failed to load on Windows 7 machine with default setting
  • Welcome screen’s logo image is not working in iOS after logging out from the app
  • Ability to style the helper text on default as gray
  • Margins of Form Cell Extension are incorrect
  • setVisible() API do not appear to work as expected in certain cases
  • Attempting to set the target specifier on a Segmented Form Cell Control does not work properly
  • Reserve icon stack spacing in iOS
  • Crash issue with Banner message on the page with SearchBar
  • OverFlowException in iOS for CreateRelatedMedia action leads to client crash
  • SimplePropertyCell value is truncated in android
  • Upgrade Google Play’s target API level to 29
  • Upgrade to SAP BTP SDK for iOS version 4.0.24
  • Upgrade to SAP BTP SDK for Android version 3.1.4
  • Support XCode 12.0.x

Mobile Development Kit Client 4.3.2

This patch release provides the following minor update and important bug fixes.

  • Create-client.command fails due to version change of dependent library (@nativescript/core)
  • Context in Page with Tab control is not getting set correctly
  • Custom Header feature for Service definitions not supported for Offline Init/Download OData
  • Control value for Simple Property Form Cell (input via Barcode) doesn't return in a rule
  • OnValueChange for Simple Property Form Cell control is not triggered in the second time when same value is entered
  • setValue() for Date Picker Form Cell does not work
  • Control redraw causes a loss of current input focus / keyboard on iOS
  • Progress Banner animation does not stop automatically on Android
  • Signature capture spills beyond the bounds of the content area
  • Signature capture screen stops accepting input if the user changes the device orientation of Android
  • $select in QueryOptions cause error when Entity Set is a navigation property
  • App crashes when the user selects <Back> button after completing a successful <Sync> from the Work Order Operations List screen
  • Infinite loop issue with EULA screen and Passcode input screen sometime occurs when resuming app from background
  • Upgrade Node.js requirement to 12.18.2 to resolve critical security vulnerability
  • Upgrade to SAP BTP SDK for iOS version 4.0.22
  • Upgrade to SAP BTP SDK for Android version 3.1.3

Mobile Development Kit Client 4.3.1

This patch release provides the following minor update and important bug fixes.

  • create-client command failed in Windows when building app with Components
  • setActionBinding() does not work if used multiple times in one execution process
  • Unable to install app via Google Play Store for Android 6 device with no biometric feature
  • Android client applications crashes when accessing Filter in any page
  • With correct UDB files, demo.js and Branded Settings, the demo mode doesn't work
  • Signature Control doesn't show CapturedLabel after calling clearValidation on OnValueChange
  • Chart alignment issue, the data points of the Full Screen View Line Charts should spread out more horizontally
  • The label of Chart Card Bar Chart should center-align with the bar data point
  • i icon for editing Linear Data is not tappable and styled incorrectly
  • Filter list displayed on the left side of application after passcode entry
  • New connection settings loaded banner blocks access to Start button for 5 or 6 seconds
  • Android client throw exception when pressing tab
  • Android back button does not work when resume app
  • ClientAPI evaluateTargetPathForAPI('#Page:-Previous') always return current page's proxy
  • If change theme and reset app in Settings, the app crashes after log on again
  • PopoverMenu action does not work when using executeAction from extension
  • Scanned connection settings not retained after closing the app in iOS
  • The full page extension content was overlapped by the modal page action bar in iOS
  • Enable the body of sendRequest API to support byte array
  • Upgrade to XCode 11.6
  • Upgrade to SAP BTP SDK for iOS version 4.0.21
  • Upgrade to SAP BTP SDK for Android version 3.1.2

Mobile Development Kit Client 4.3

Notable new or changed features for the Mobile Development Kit Client Client 4.3

New UI Controls

Signature Form Cell

Signature Form Cell allows apps to capture user signature and saves it as an image that can be uploaded. It also provides an option to add timestamp and additional watermark label to the captured signature image.

Form Cell in Section Page

In 4.3, we have introduced the support of Form Cell controls in Section Page.

You can now add a Form Cell Section in Sectioned Table control of a Section Page.

You can then add any of the Form Cell controls in the Section.


Simplified Binding Syntax

Binding syntax is now simplified and unified to use single curly braces e.g. "{ProductName}", it can be combined with other text e.g. "My full name is {FirstName} {LastName}", this also applies to Target Path e.g. "{#Control:CountryPicker/#Value}". For more information, see Binding.

Override Action Properties

Apps can now override one or more properties of an action that will be executed. For more information, see Actions.

Support SAP Font Icons

UI controls that support image can now use SAP font icons using sap-icon://<name> syntax e.g. "DetailImage":"sap-icon://person-placeholder". The list of the supported SAP icons can be found here.

MinNumberOfLines Property for Note Form Cell

Apps can now set minimum lines for Note Form Cell.

Height Property for Object Collection Extension

Apps can now set the Height property for the Object Cell Extension, this allows better control of the size of each cells.

Setting Search Field in Rule

You can now set SectionedTableProxy.searchString property. Setting this property will update the search field and trigger a search.

Mapping Icons From GridTable to ObjectCell Icon Stack

App developers can now define a mapping of icons from Grid table to corresponding icon stack in ObjectCell. The BindTo attribute now supports firstIcon, secondIcon, and thirdIcon.

Clickable Key Value

Key Value items now support an On-Click action. To support this, two new properties OnPress and LinkColor are introduced for Key Value Item.

Analytic View in ObjectHeader

Object Header now supports analytic view, as part of this an app developer can either use Charts or KPIs in ObjectHeader. More details on this capability can be found here.

HTTPS URL Support in OpenDocument Action

App developers can now reference remote HTTPS resources as part of OpenDocument action.

Horizontal Scroll Layout in ObjectCollection Extension

App developers using custom extension for ObjectCollection now have support for Layout which support horizontal scroll for custom Object Cells. For more information, see LayoutType.

Horizontal Bar Chart

In addition to the Line and the Column chart, you can now use the Bar chart in analytic control. This is supported for AnalyticCardCollection, ChartContent and AnalyticView in ObjectHeader

NoDataText Property for Analytic Controls

In an event when there is no available data to plot instead of showing an empty chart area, the app developers can now display a text using the property NoDataText. This property is supported for AnalyticCardCollection, ChartContent and AnalyticView in ObjectHeader.

OData Service

Support Custom Headers for Service

Apps can now define Headers for the OData Service, the defined headers are added automatically to all of the OData actions.

Support Edm.Binary Type

App can now read and set OData properties with Edm.Binary type.

Mobile Development Kit Client Client

Showing EULA on Launch

To allow users to accept EULA and/or privacy statement before entering any personal information, we have moved the EULA screen to the very first screen when the app is launched if user has not previously onboarded.

Support Localization of EULA

Apps can now provide localized version of the EULAText.html. For more details please see Branding Custom Client

Support EULA in HTML Format for iOS

Apps can now provide HTML version of the EULAText file. For more information, see Branding Custom Client.

Support URL Allowlisting in QR Onboarding

Client allows the logon connection settings from a scanned or side-loaded QR image. The connection settings contain several server URLs for logon to SAP Mobile Services , without validating these server URLs, users can be tricked to input their logon credentials. App developers can now specify the allowed URLs in BrandedSettings.json to control the allowed domain, subdomain as part of the server URLs. For more information, see Connection Settings Whitelist.

Support App Switch with InApp QR Scanner

In the past, users utilizing QR code onboarding had to use third party QR code scanner to switch between apps. Now this capability comes inbuilt in the client where the user is prompted to either continue using the same app or switch to any other app of their choice. For more information, refer the details for respective platforms iOS and Android.

Customize Scan Button Title

A new property scanButtonString in OnboardingCustomizations can be used to customize the title for scan button.

Cache Configuration for Images and Documents

Images and documents downloaded in the application are cached for better performance. CacheSettings property provides control for the app developers on the allowed disk cache for images and documents.

Last update: December 15, 2022