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What's New in Release 3.2

Foundation Library

  • 'AppConfig' and 'Auth' related model classes are moved from Flows to Foundation library.

SAP Cloud Platform SDK for Android Wizard

  • Application configuration has been moved to the sap_mobile_services.json file for central management.

Upgrading to the Latest Version of the SDK

Extract the contents of the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for Android software update file to a folder on your computer and run the installation script. The installation script copies the SDK libraries to the local Maven repository and reinstalls the Android Studio plugin.

The installation script does not overwrite older versions of the SDK libraries. These are still present in the local Maven repository after the upgrade. This ensures applications referencing the older SDK will continue to compile.

For existing applications, manually update the SDK version in your Gradle files to the new one.


You can update the SDK version for your Wizard projects using the sdkVersion property in the file at the root of the generated project.

What's New in Release 3.1

  • Support for SAP Passport-based Correlation. This feature currently supports metering and integration/user monitoring via the SAP Passport header.

  • A basic authentication dialog popup to allow applications to handle the basic authentication challenge seamlessly and without extra effort.

  • A generated app using the Flows framework to abstract complex details of the underlying Fiori and Foundation frameworks.

  • A Timeline control that displays events and objects in chronological order. The control displays information as interactive cells, focusing on important information about the object or event. The control also allows the timeline view to be filtered or searched.

  • Multiple criteria sorting and filtering to allow sorting of a list view by multiple fields (primary, secondary, and tertiary sort fields). A visual indicator reflects the current sort order.

  • Horizontal Bar Chart component: This chart type displays horizontal bars aligned to the Y-axis. In contrast to the column chart, horizontal charts provide more space for displaying labels for the item type while still providing the measurement of discrete items.

  • A Signature Capture control to easily capture a user's signature. The control provides a view for the user to draw a free hand signature using touch, pencil, or stylus. Once the signature is captured it is saved as an image.

  • A Chart Header control that displays a chart view of data inside an object header. This can be used to provide at-a-glance information about an object to the end user (this chart type can only be used inside an Object Header).

  • A Horizontal Fit Collection control for content to be displayed in a single horizontal line. In contrast with horizontal scroll, this control does not scroll horizontally.

  • Allow a chart card to be read-only and provide support for a ‘listener’ callback when a user taps on the control. The control also allows X-axis and Y-axis labels to be null, while auto-generating Y-axis incremental steps.

  • Redesigned Flows framework (version 2.0), designed to use the best practices and design patterns of Android Architecture Components. Flows version 1.0 is now deprecated and it is highly recommended to adopt the Flows 2.0 interface.

  • Enhanced Cancel Download API: Cancel download processes individually by using a specified cancelToken object. The server will be notified and cancel the ongoing downloading process.

  • Enhanced Progress API: Provide greater details about the progress of various operations, such as initial open, upload, download, and send store.

  • Send Store API: Send a decrypted offline store to the server.

  • Support for Android Studio 3.6.X. This contains code generation changes required to support the new project template in Android Studio 3.6.

Last update: September 29, 2020