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Mobile Development Kit extension for Microsoft Visual Studio Code helps you to quickly and efficiently develop or modify Mobile Development Kit apps throughout their life cycles.

The extension is based on the Visual Studio Code extension framework and consumes many core services that are supported by Visual Studio Code, such as workspace, language protocol, task, and so on. It also introduces a new language, and a new debugging process.

The extension lets you import an existing app repository from SAP Web IDE Full-Stack, and develop, edit, and debug the app, before synchronizing your changes back to the SAP Web IDE Full-Stack Mobile Development Kit Editor.

Edit Metadata JSON

Based on a comprehensive Mobile Development Kit schema definition, this feature detects an application node within the workspace, and supports operations like auto-completion, validation, and navigation.

Code Rule JavaScript

Based on a predefined IClientAPI typing definition; this feature lets you use JSDoc snippets to describe rule arguments. It also supports operations like auto-completion, validation, and navigation for the IClientAPI.

Bundle Application

This feature integrates metadata bundling process into the Visual Studio Code build task, from which you can generate Visual Studio Code specific bundle.js with the source map information.

Debug Rule JavaScript

Redirect the code line from the bundle.js to the corresponding rule.js with source map, and set breakpoints directly in the rule.js files.

Create an Metadata Object

Create a metadata object by using the command palette, or by using the context menu.

Last update: April 14, 2021