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List of Acronyms

Defines terms and components for SAP Mobile Services.

ABAP : Advanced Business Application Programming

AES : American Encryption Standard

API : Application Programming Interface

ASE : Adaptive Server Enterprise. See also ASE in the Glossary.

APNS : Apple Push Notification Service

BES : BlackBerry Enterprise Server

BIS : BlackBerry Internet Service

CA : Certificate Authority

CIDR : Classless inter-domain routing

CIM : Component Integration Metadata

CLI : Command-Line Interface

CORS : Cross-Origin Resource Sharing

CSDL : Common Schema Definition Language

CSRF : Cross-Site Request Forgery

DBCP : Database Connection Pool. See also DBCP in the Glossary.

DCN : Data Change Notification

DNS : Domain Name System

DPP : Data Protection and Privacy

ECDHE : Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman Ephemeral

EDM : Entity Data Model

EE : Enterprise Edition, as in Java EE and TomEE

EMM : Enterprise Mobility Management. See also MDM.

ESPM : Enterprise Sales and Procurement Model. See also ESPM in the Glossary.

FCM : Firebase Cloud Messaging

FS : Federation Services

GUID : Globally Unique Identifier. See also UUID.

HTTP : Hypertext Transfer Protocol

HTTPS : Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure

ICF : Internet Communication Framework

IDP : Identity Provider

IETF BCP : Internet Engineering Task Force Best Current Practice

ILOData : Interactive Local OData

JDBC : Java Database Connectivity

JDK : Java Development Kit

JDPA : Java Platform Debugger Architecture

JSON : JavaScript Object Notation

JWT : JSON Web Token (commonly pronounced "jot")

LDAP : Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

LOG4J : Log for Java

LRU : Least Recently Used

MBO : Mobile Business Object. See also MBO in the Glossary

MBT : mobile back-end tools

MDK : Mobile Development Kit

MDM : Mobile Device Management. See also EMM.

MPNS : Microsoft Push Notification Service

MTA : Multi-Target Application

NNN : Time Format

NNNN : Time Format

ODBC : Open Database Connectivity

OSGi : Open Service Gateway Initiative

OTA : Over the Air installation

PBKDF2 : Password-Based Key Derivation Function 2

OTP : One Time Passcode

PaaS : Platform as a Service

PL : Patch level

SAPUI5 : SAP user interface for HTML 5

SaaS : Software as a Service

SAML : Security Assertion Markup Language

SCIM : System for Cross-domain Identity Management. See also SCIM in the Glossary.

SCN : SAP Community Network

SLF4J : Simple Logging Facade for Java

SP : Service pack

SSL : Secure Sockets Layer

SSO : Single Sign-On

TLS : Transport Layer Security

TTL : Time To Live

UAA : User Account and Authentication

UI : User Interface

URI : Uniform Resource Identifier

UUID : Universally Unique Identifier. See also GUID.

UX : User Experience. See also SAP Fiori in the Glossary.

VM : Virtual Machine

W3C : World Wide Web Consortium

WNS : Windows Notification Service

XSUAA : Extended Services for UAA

Last update: April 6, 2023